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Written by: Chase Williams Last updated on September 16, 2020

Unlike other Office 365 apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, Microsft Publisher is not available as a free browser-based app.

If you want to use this template building software, you will need to purchase an Office 365 subscription. If you’re not sure if this the right tool for you, I’ll show you how to get a free 30-day trial so you can properly test it.

You will need to provide a payment method but you won’t be charged until after the 30-day trial ends.

How to Get a Free Trial of Microsoft Publisher

  1. Click on the DOWNLOAD button on the sidebar and jump directly to the hidden Free Trial page for Microsoft Publisher.
  3. If you have a Microsoft account you can log in here, otherwise, you will need to create an account to proceed. Once the account is ready, sign in and click NEXT.
    Microsoft Sign In Image
  4. Confirm that you want to get the free trial and click NEXT.
    How to Get Word Free
  5. You will need to select a payment method.First month of Office 365 is free
  6. After your payment method has been processed, click on the CONTINUE button.
  7. Click on the SUBSCRIBE button to begin the download process.
    Complete Microsoft Subscription
  8. Now, you have to click on the INSTALL button to agree to install Office 365.
    Install Office 365 for Free
  9. Finally, click on the INSTALL button and Publisher, along with Office 365, will download onto your computer.
    Install Office 365 Home
  10. When the download is finished, click CLOSE.
    Office 365 is finished installing

Microsoft Publisher Features

Unlike most of the Office 365 apps that can be used by just about anyone, Publisher serves a specific niche. It’s used for creating marketing materials such as flyers, menus, book cover designs, brochures, banners, and more. Its features include:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Ruler and guides so everything lines up perfectly
  • Save high-resolution image files with common image formats
  • Automatically saves work to OneDrive
  • Photo importer
  • Ability to use high-resolution picture backgrounds
  • Integrates with all Office 365 applications

There are hundreds of premade templates to choose from, or you can design your own. Publisher uses the same ribbon-style menu bar as all the Office 365 apps, so if you’re already comfortable with Word or Excel, you should have an easy time using Publisher as well.

While Word also has a variety of templates for marketing materials — you’ll have more options, flexibility, and tools with Publisher.

Alternatives to Microsoft Publisher

Adobe InDesign: This is the best option for creating professional-looking documents. Unfortunately, there is no free version, but they do offer a free trial. InDesign has every tool you need to make your document look perfect, and it integrates seamlessly with all the other Adobe tools, such as Photoshop.

Scribus: The leading open-source desktop publishing tool on the market, Scribus is a solid free option. It also has drag-and-drop functionality, exporting files as PDFs, and it works on multiple operating systems. However, it does require a little more technical and coding knowledge than Publisher.


😇Is Microsft Publisher safe?

Yes, as a part of the Office 365 suite, Publisher is a safe and trusted app.

🤑Can I purchase Publisher as a standalone program?

Yes, Microsoft still offers the Office 2019 version of Publisher for sale on its website. But this version doesn’t have OneDrive access and is lacking some of the tools included in the Office 365 version.

🤩Is Publisher available for mobile devices?

No, Microsoft hasn’t released an app for Publisher, it is only available on PC or Mac.

🤓Does Microsoft update Publisher?

Without a mobile app and no real major upgrades to the program, it definitely appears that Microsoft doesn’t view Publisher the same it does Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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