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Valid Mobicip Coupon for October 2021: Save up to 33% Today

Shauli Zacks
Last Updated by Shauli Zacks on October 01, 2021

While it’s not an expensive app, using a Mobicip coupon will help you save even more money and get the best possible deal.

Using a Mobicip coupon is easy, the difficult part is finding a real coupon and staying away from sites that promote expired or fake coupons in an attempt to trick you into visiting their websites.

I personally test these coupons to make sure they work and monitor Mobicip to make sure the coupons are all valid.

All Mobicip REAL coupons are here below. If you are short on time, and you want their current best deal, go to this hidden Mobicip page to get 33% off + 7 days for free.

mobicip coupon

Get The Mobicip Deal Today!

Deal 1: Save 33% When You Get The Medium Plan

This is the best option for most families. With protection for up to 10 devices, you should be able to monitor all the telephones, tablets, and computers that are used by your kids.

Save 33% on Mobicip!

Deal 2: Save 20% When You Get The Small Plan

The Small Plan can protect up to 5 devices, which is a good option for small families.

Save 20% on Mobicip!

Both plans include all the powerful features, such as time management tools, flexible web filters, and YouTube Monitoring. The only difference is the number of connected devices and the size of the discount

How to Use a Mobicip Coupon

While some parental control coupons have coupon codes that can expire after a few days and can be difficult to use, I’ve found a shortcut to a hidden deals page. Visit this page, and the discount will automatically be applied, without needing to copy or remember any secret codes.

Save up to 33% on Mobicip Today!

Watch Out for Fake Mobicip Coupons

You’re probably familiar with the term “Fake News” but what about “Fake Coupons?”

This is a strategy used by coupon sites to try and draw in readers with headlines that scream “85% Off” or “Save $100 on Mobicip.”

Fake Mobicip Coupons

These deals don’t really exist – but many people will still click on them

At best, what these sites are doing is adding up the total savings or saving percentage, from all the coupons on the page, including expired ones. So, for example, if you can find a 33% coupon for the Medium plan and a 20% coupon for the Small plan, the site adds the discounts together and tells you that it has a coupon for 53% off. But this is meaningless because no one would get both plans.
Other tricks that I’ve seen sites use is to promote a deal that doesn’t exist. Look at the image below, the tile of the page is for a 50% Mobicip discount. However, when looking at the coupons, there is no half-off discount to be found.

Mobicip fake deals

Don’t be fooled by the title, there are no 50% discounts for Mobicip


🔍Are there expiration dates on Mobicip coupons?

Yes! I often see great deals becoming unavailable, therefore, I wouldn’t wait too long as the current discounts listed here are only for a limited time.

💰Is there a free version of Mobicip?

No. You will need to purchase a subscription to Mobicip to enjoy the protection and monitoring tools on your kid’s phone. However, if you want to test it out risk-free, there is a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

⚙️Does Mobicip have screen time management tools?

While Mobicip does have a time management system, it can use some improvement. You can create a schedule of when the phone is available or completely locked, but not set a daily time limit. There is also an option to remotely lock all screens from the parent dashboard. You can read my detailed review of Mobicip here.

💪Is the Mobicip web filter reliable?

I tested the Mobicip web filter on my kids’ phones and tablets and I came away very impressed. There are 4 sensitivity levels and or the option to create a custom filter. I used a different sensitivity level for each kid, and the filter did a great job of blocking inappropriate or dangerous sites and apps.

Bottom Line

Of all the parental control apps I tested Mobicip was the easiest to set up and has the nicest dashboard. While it is far from perfect, and I think the time management tools need some big improvement, you’ll definitely get good value for your money. Especially if you take advantage of the coupons on this page and enjoy a 33% discount.

Save 33% on Mobicip Today

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Shauli Zacks
Shauli is an online privacy expert with a love of all things technology. He spent the past few years testing, comparing, and reviewing different software programs.