Valid ExpressVPN Coupon: Save up to 57% Today (Tested November 2019)

Last Updated by Gray Williams on June 25, 2019

Get 3 Months Free and then Some with an ExpressVPN coupon!

ExpressVPN already has a fair price to go along with its superior performance, but there’s nothing wrong with saving even more money when you get the opportunity.

With that said, Wizcase readers can get a sizable discount by using our exclusive coupon right now.

Take a look for yourself. Here’s what you’ll pay for an ExpressVPN subscription on its own right now.

A standard one-year subscription to ExpressVPN will cost you $8.32 a month, totaling $99.84 for the annual fee.

However, when you use our exclusive coupon, you can save some substantial money in the long run (plus more if you’re able to refer a friend — we’ll touch on that in a moment.)

Here’s what you’ll pay with our coupon:

As you can see, our coupon saves you 49% off upfront, since you’re getting three extra months for free when you sign up for the 12-month subscription.

When compared to purchasing a subscription each month, that’s a savings of nearly $75 per year.

You can save even more though. For every friend you refer, you’ll get a free month of ExpressVPN, after one friend your savings are already 57% off. Refer another friend, and you’ll save even more.

This discount won’t last forever.

If you’re planning on bookmarking this discount for later, don’t be so sure. We’ve heard of more than a few instances of readers setting the link aside to revisit at a later time, only to find it no longer works.

So, click the discount link now, and keep the window open so you can complete the purchase otherwise you risk losing out on the offer. You can get the discount now, and worry about the friend referrals later.

Can I get an ExpressVPN Free Trial

As ExpressVPN is a more expensive service when it comes to VPNs, they offer all users the opportunity to test out their product completely risk-free. They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked, so you’re able to try them out for yourself before committing to their service.

This offer is also advantageous if you only want a VPN for a short period. By simply requesting a refund before the month is up, you can experience the VPN’s features to the fullest and not have to pay a dime! It’s the perfect option if you need it for a short business trip or an overseas vacation.

Get the ExpressVPN Free Trial

Why ExpressVPN? A Quick Review

ExpressVPN is known for its breakneck speeds. While most VPNs can’t help but slow down your speeds due to their nature and function, with ExpressVPN, you won’t even be able to notice the difference. Their privacy and security features are also top of the line so you won’t be left vulnerable to cyber attacks and prying eyes.

Aside from being the fastest VPN that offers the best performance for streaming media, it’s also:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Uses over 1,500 servers spread throughout 90+ countries
  • No logging
  • Zero traffic limits
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Works with Hulu and Netflix

Get ExpressVPN Today

Is ExpressVPN Good For Torrenting?

ExpressVPN is fantastic when it comes to torrenting partially due to their incredible speeds. With ExpressVPN you won’t be capped on your bandwidth or data limit so torrenting becomes extremely easy to achieve.

Downloading TV shows anonymously on uTorrent with ExpressVPN

This VPN indeed hides your IP address when torrenting so that no other users have access to any of your information when you’re participating in peer to peer sharing. Anonymity is key to keeping yourself safe while torrenting, and ExpressVPN allows you to stay private and hidden at all times.

Torrent Securely with ExpressVPN

Does ExpressVPN Unblock Netflix, What About Other Streaming Sites?

As one of the market’s leading services, it’s no surprise that ExpressVPN is the ultimate VPN when it comes to unblocking Netflix and other streaming sites. Nothing is off limits once you’ve activated ExpressVPN and you’ll gain complete access to streaming servers all around the globe.

ExpressVPN Unblocks US Netflix

Streaming US Netflix with ExpressVPN 

Most VPNs struggle to keep up with the everchanging firewalls Netflix has installed as it’s impossible to bypass them if you don’t have access to enough resources. A lack of resources isn’t an issue for ExpressVPN, so they have been one of the only services to bypass the geo-restrictions Netflix has in place consistently.

Netflix isn’t the only streaming service that ExpressVPN can access either; you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows and movies on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Kodi, ESPN, NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC iPlayer and more with their service.

Watch Netflix with ExpressVPN

How Secure is ExpressVPN?

This VPN provides its users with an extremely robust security system so that they’re protected at all times. With an automatic kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IP leak protection, and split tunneling, you’ll have complete peace of mind.

The VPN headquarters are also located in the Brittish Virgin Islands, which isn’t a part of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance meaning that your data isn’t being shared with governments all over the world. Not only that, but ExpressVPN also has a strict no logs policy, so none of your traffic or data is recorded.

How Many Simultaneous Connections Does ExpressVPN Allow?

With ExpressVPN, you’ll be able to connect five devices simultaneously and protect both your computer and phone. They also have dedicated apps for all major platforms such as Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and some routers, giving you security, privacy, and freedom with ease.

Take Advantage of the ExpressVPN Coupon Today

This is your best opportunity to get access to a world renown VPN with blazing speeds and uncompromising security at an incredibly low price.

Take advantage of our coupon now, before you miss out on this low price.

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