Use the Format Factory software to convert documents, videos, audio, and image files into file formats you can use. The easy-to-use program can also combine, trim, and split most audio and video files as well.

Instead of downloading multiple file converters for different types of files, follow the instructions to download the comprehensive Format Factory for free.

How to Download and Install Format Factory for Free

  1. Click on the Download button, and a new tab will open directly to the Format Factory download page.
  2. There are a few different download buttons. I recommend choosing the top Download button because the other 3 options are a lite, and older versions, although the setup instructions are the same for all of them.
    Download Format Factory
  3. Whichever option you choose, when the .exe file finishes downloading to your computer, double click it to open the installation wizard.
  4. The License Agreement will open. Agree to terms to continue.
  5. You will be given the option to download additional software. You can either accept or decline the offer.
  6. Choose the folder location, or just use the installer’s default location and click Install.
  7. When the installation is complete, click the Close button, and Format Factory will open.

How to Use Format Factory

Whether you’re converting audio, video, documents, utilities, or music files, the process is the same.

  1. Choose the type of file that you want to convert.
  2. Click on the Add Files button and locate the file on your computer. You can add multiple files at the same time if you want. After all the files have been added, click OK.
    Add files
  3. Click the Arrow icon to start the format conversion.
    Convert files
  4. By default, all converted files will be moved to a folder on your hard drive. You can change the destination folder by clicking the Option button on the menu bar and then change the output folder.
    Change output folder

How to Uninstall Format Factory

If the Format Factory isn’t the right conversion software for you, check out these free alternatives below. Meanwhile, you can effortlessly eliminate it from your computer by following these straightforward instructions. The files you’ve transformed using Format Factory will remain untouched by the software.

  1. Type Add or Remove Programs in the Windows search bar.
  2. Locate Format Factory in the list of installed programs, and click Uninstall.
    Uninstall Factory Format
  3. Confirm that you want to uninstall Format Factory, and the program will be deleted from your computer.

Format Factory Overview

Format Factory is one of the most comprehensive free file conversion tools online. Whether you want to convert a single file or multiple files, it will do the job quickly and retain the high quality of the original file. It’s an ideal solution that can convert just about any audio, video, or image files to a format that you can open on your device. In addition to converting formats, Format Factory can also be used to compress large files or decompress zip files as well.

Having a good file converter can take away some of the stress when you find some files on your computer or receive an email that you just can’t open. One of the nice things about Format Factory is that in addition to converting files, it can also be used to rip files from unprotected DVDs or CDs and then reformat them to be used on a mobile device.

Format Factory Features

  • Video files: Convert to MP4, MKV, GIF, WebM. It can also combine multiple files, erase watermarks, crop, and split videos.
  • Audio files: Convert to MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, DTS, M4A, AAC, AC3, MMF, AMR, M4R, OGG, WAV, WavPack, and MP2. It can mix audio tracks, combine multiple files, and split files.
  • Image files: Convert WebP, JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP, GIF, TIF, and TGA.
  • Documents: Converts image to PDF, PDF to image, PDF to TXT, PDF to Word, and PDF to Excel. I can also combine multiple PDF files, compress, encrypt, and decrypt PDFs as well.
  • Video Downloader: As long as you have a URL, you can use Format Factory to download videos from most websites.

Free Alternatives to Format Factory

  • NCH File Converter: Easily convert audio, video, images, and documents to your preferred file format. The File Converter can also convert vinyl records, audio cassettes, and CDs to MP3.
  • Convertio: A cloud-based, open-source conversion tool, Convertio claims to work with over 300 different format types. It’s quick and easy, with most conversions taking place in under two minutes.


Is Format Factory free?

There are several fake versions online that will try and charge you for the program. Follow the download guide above to ensure that you download the official free Format Factory software.
Is Format Factory safe?

I tested the download file in VirusTotal, and it came back clean from viruses and malware. The one flag that was triggered is because it has potentially unwanted software included in the installer. However, it doesn’t try to trick you and install the added software without your knowledge. You can decline the offer while installing the software.
Can Format Factory convert a PDF to Word?

Yes, PDF to Word is just one of several formats that Format Factory can convert a PDF file into.
Download Format Factory now!