CCleaner is a free software that will optimize your Windows computer performance by removing unused and temporary files. It will also improve your privacy by deleting cookies, ad trackers, and internet history.

5 Benefits of Using Free CCleaner

CCleaner is more than just a utility to clean up your computer. It provides the following benefits.

  1. Increase Privacy: Running the CCleaner will permanently remove passwords, internet history, temporary files, config files and more.
    Clean your computer with CCleaner
  2. Improve Security: Making sure your computer is thoroughly cleansed before you sell or dispose of it has never been more secure. CCleaner effectively eliminates all traces of data from any files that were stored on your device.
  3. Faster Speed: Getting rid of unneeded files will free up resources on your system and increase your computer’s speed.
  4. Better Stability: The Windows Registry cleaner will help fix any registry errors and make your computer run smoothly.
    CCleaner Customize Your Registry
  5. Free Up Space: There can be a lot of unnecessary files, or segments of files, which take up space on your PC. Running this utility will delete those files and remove the clutter so you have more space for what you need.
    CCleaner Start

3 Things That CCleaner Can’t Do

While there are a lot of things that CCleaner can do, it’s not a miracle utility. The 3 things that it can’t do are:

  1. Detect and remove viruses, malware, or spyware
  2. Doesn’t defragment hard drives
  3. Recover deleted files

How to Download the Latest Version of CCleaner

  1. Visit the CCleaner website.
  2. Open the downloaded file to install.
    CCleaner Download Page
  3. Click on the INSTALL button to begin. If you download the file from the official CCleaner site, there is no bloatware or adware included in the installation.
    CCleaner Installer
  4. Run CCleaner.
    Screenshot of a window showing that a CCleaner setup process was completed

How to Uninstall CCleaner

  1. Search for Add or Remove Programs on your Windows computer.
    Remove CCleaner from Windows
  2. Open the program and scroll down until you find CCleaner.
  3. Click on the UNINSTALL button.
    Uninstall CCleaner
  4. A new window will open asking if you really want to uninstall the program. You will have to click NEXT two more times before the uninstallation process begins.
    CCleaner Uninstaller

CCleaner Overview

You can quickly get rid of unnecessary files, advertising trackers, cookies, temporary files, and more with the free CCleaner utility. Start out by analyzing the programs and browsers on your computer and see how much garbage you can clean off your PC.

The Registry Cleaner will scan your Windows registry and get rid of redundant or unnecessary files. Once all these files are removed, you might notice an improvement in your computer’s performance.

Improve Computer’s Performance

As you browse the internet, your computer collects a lot of unnecessary files – such as cookies and trackers. Similarly, as you run different programs, temporary files are created and settings are saved. As your computer collects these seemingly minor pieces of data, they begin to make it run slower. CCleaner will permanently remove the extra files and settings, which will improve your computer’s performance and speed it up.

Limit System Errors and Crashes

When the computer’s registry fills up with unnecessary files and settings it can trigger crashes and freeze your computer. The Registry Cleaner feature can find these issues and fix them before they cause you headaches and potentially ruin your computer.

Customize your CCleaner

While the default settings will give your system a basic cleaning, you can go to the Tools and Options tab to create a customized clean. Here you can uninstall programs, delete select cookies, and choose your cleaning and setup settings.

Is CCleaner Professional Worth It?

This really depends on what you want from the software. The added benefits that come with the pro versions are:

  • Updates software
  • A more thorough cleaning
  • Anonymizes your browsing history
  • Removes trackers

CCleaner Professional isn’t that expensive, and this minor investment is worth it for the increase in the performance and security of your computer


Is CCleaner 100% free?

CCleaner has a freemium version that is 100% free. It does have some limitations which can be resolved by purchasing the professional package.
Is CCleaner safe?

The official CCleaner file is safe to download and doesn’t come with any added software during the installation process.
Is CCleaner easy to use?

The basic features of CCleaner are simple enough and anyone can run the scans regardless of their technical background. However, there are some more advanced features, such as the Registry Cleaner, that can do real harm to your computer if used incorrectly. Therefore, before that action can be done, there is a pop-up window that will open with a warning. You’ll want to make sure you know what you are doing before you proceed with these advanced features.
What does CCleaner do to your computer?

CCleaner is a utility that will clean your computer of junk it doesn’t need. Once this is complete your system will be able to run faster and you’ll have more space on your hard drive.
What is the benefit of the CCleaner Professional?

CCleaner Professional unlocks several features that you can’t use with the freemium license. It provides a more in-depth cleaning and offers additional tools, such as automatic software updates, removing ad trackers, and more. There is the option to purchase the entire suite of CCleaner products, which include a defragger, and file recovery program.
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