How to Watch HBO Max Poland Online With a VPN in 2024

Rosemary S Siluvai Anthony
Last Updated by Rosemary S Siluvai Anthony on February 21, 2024 Fact-checked by Justyn Newman Fact-checked by Justyn Newman

Max (formerly HBO Max) Poland has some of the best Polish content, like Detektyw and Pozłacany wiek, including those from the merged HBO GO. However, they’re only accessible in Poland. Unless you’re in the country, you won’t be able to watch them.

Although a VPN with servers in Poland can help you access Max’s Polish library from anywhere, doing so will violate the platform’s terms of service and copyright agreements. My team and I don’t condone using a VPN to break the law or any rules.

But if you need a VPN to stream Max in Poland, ExpressVPN is the best, as it works reliably and provides fast speeds for lag-free streaming. You can also try ExpressVPN risk-free because it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you change your mind, it’s easy to get a refund.

Watch Max Poland with ExpressVPN

Quick Guide: Watch Max Poland With a VPN in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Get a VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN for its fast speeds and reliable Max connections. Try ExpressVPN with HBO Max Poland risk-free!
  2. Connect to a server in Poland. Servers closest to you will offer the best speeds for streaming.
  3. Start watching shows on Max. Log in with your account details and enjoy your favorite Polish content.

Important! All the VPNs recommended in this article don’t keep any records of your streaming data. So, it’s on you to use your VPN responsibly, without breaking Max’s terms of service while streaming. My team and I are against copyright infringement.

The Best VPNs to Watch Max (HBO Max) Poland in 2024

1. ExpressVPN — High-Speed Servers to Watch Max Poland With Zero Lag

Key Features:

  • 3,000+ servers in its global network, with reliable connections in Poland
  • Blazing-fast speeds for lag-free, uninterrupted streaming on HBO Max
  • Supports up to 8 simultaneous connections
  • 24/7 live chat support, online FAQs, setup guides, and knowledge base
  • 30-day money-back guarantee covers all plans

ExpressVPN’s servers let you stream HBO Max Poland without lag or interruptions. During tests, I was impressed by ExpressVPN’s consistently fast global network. From an average base speed of 115Mbps, its Poland servers gave me 88Mbps, which is only a 23% drop. With these speeds, you can stream Max Poland without any lags, even at peak hours.

Screenshot of ExpressVPN's Polish server speed test results

ExpressVPN’s Polish servers are fast for lag-free streaming on Max

It’s also a very reliable VPN because ExpressVPN updates its IP addresses every few days, so that you’ll find plenty that work with Max Poland. My teammates in Poland were always able to log into their accounts without facing streaming or proxy errors. Since all ExpressVPN servers are obfuscated, you can watch Max Poland even on networks that block VPNs — like at school or work.

ExpressVPN has a proprietary Lightway protocol, which is faster than traditional protocols. Its smaller code base is more efficient at transporting data without sacrificing security. Additionally, it gives you a steady connection when streaming Max Poland on your mobile device, even as it changes WiFi networks. Plus, Lightway helped my battery last longer.

Router installations can be tricky, but ExpressVPN has its own firmware to make it easy. This will increase the 8-device limit to unlimited, as long as they’re on the same network. Plus, it’ll allow you to watch Max Poland on devices that are incompatible with VPNs, like a PlayStation or Chromecast.

My only issue with ExpressVPN is its premium price — plans start at $6.67/month for a 1-year + 3 months subscription. While this is a little more than the other services on my list, it’s worth the cost for fast, reliable connections to Max Poland.

If you’d like to stream Max Poland with ExpressVPN, you can try the 1-year + 3 months plan at $6.67 a month risk-free. It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re unsatisfied, you can get a full refund. My refund was arranged in less than 2 minutes after I reached out via 24/7 live chat. Best of all, I had my money back in just 5 days.

ExpressVPN works with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box, Chromecast, Roku, Android TVs, smart TVs, routers, and more.

2024 Update! ExpressVPN has dropped prices for a limited time to a crazy $6.67 per month for the 1-year plan + 3 months free (you can save up to 49%)! This is a limited offer so be sure to grab it now before it's gone. See more information on this offer here.

2. CyberGhost — WiFi Protection Makes Watching Max Poland With Public Hotspots Safe

Key Features:

  • 11,780+ servers in its global network, including 70+ in Warsaw, Poland
  • WiFi Protection automatically starts a VPN connection when using public WiFi
  • Protects 7 devices at the same time
  • 24/7 live chat, email ticketing, knowledge base, and FAQs
  • 45-day money-back guarantee with the long-term plans

CyberGhost’s WiFi Protection setup automatically starts a VPN connection to watch Max Poland safely using public networks. Free WiFi networks are great, but not safe as hackers often prey on its users since the lack of encryption makes it easy to steal data. CyberGhost’s military-grade encryption, however, makes it harder for hackers to see or steal your data.

Screenshot of WiFi Protection settings under Smart Rules in CyberGhost's app

Set up WiFi Protection to watch Max Poland safely on public WiFi

During tests, CyberGhost’s servers in Poland kept my speeds well above the 25Mbps required to stream in UHD — this was despite connecting from 6,000 miles away. Locally, my Polish teammates had even better speeds at 82Mbps, and they were able to watch Sukcesja on HBO in UHD without any lag.

When I checked CyberGhost’s network, I found out that it has over 70 servers in Poland. This sizable number ensures there’s plenty of bandwidth for every user. Every time I connected, the Polish servers had less than 40% load, meaning I had more than half the capacity for streaming.

Its network also includes streaming-optimized servers for Max in various countries — these are tested regularly so that they always work. I was a bit disappointed they’re not available for Max in Poland. However, according to my Polish teammates, the regular servers worked fine with the local Max library, so you don’t need the optimized version.

If you’d like to try streaming HBO Max Poland with CyberGhost, it’s an affordable long-term option. Prices start at $2.03 a month with the 2-year + 4 months plan. You’ll also get a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. After testing it for a month, I asked for a refund from a live chat support agent, who approved it within 2 minutes. I was fully reimbursed within 6 days.

CyberGhost works with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, Chrome, Firefox, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, smart TVs, routers, and more.

3. Private Internet Access (PIA) — Many Servers in Poland for Reliable Connections to Max

Key Features:

  • Huge network of 35,000+ servers, with hundreds of Polish connections
  • Large server option prevents congestion and lags when streaming Max
  • Connect unlimited devices simultaneously
  • 24/7 live chat, knowledge base, and online FAQs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

PIA has hundreds of servers that aren’t congested for streaming Max Poland. Overcrowded servers often become sluggish as there are too many requests from different users. But PIA’s enormous network of more than 35,000 servers worldwide, ensures traffic is more distributed to prevent congestion, even at high traffic times.

If you want to use PIA’s secure connection only for HBO Max Poland, you can exclude all other app and web traffic from encryption with split tunneling. This also improves your connection speeds. Alternatively, you can also use the default 128-bit encryption that’s faster for streaming and switch to a more secure 256-bit when transacting online.

My teammates tried the servers in Poland and found that they could watch Max Poland without problems. Although it’s not clear how many servers are located specifically in Poland, my colleagues could log into their Max accounts 10 out of 10 times.

The only issue I have is that PIA’s apps can be a bit complex for beginners. However, you only have to connect to a Polish server to stream Max — the default settings work perfectly. But as I got used to its apps, I appreciated its flexibility, from changing the encryption standards to switching to a light mode.

Screenshot of PIA's settings options for encryption

PIA lets you customize your VPN experience

With plans starting at $2.03/month for a 2-year + 4 months subscription, PIA is an affordable VPN — it’s also one of the cheapest monthly VPNs. If you change your mind, PIA is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. To get a refund, you can contact the 24/7 live chat. I did this and had my money back in 7 days.

PIA works with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, smart TVs, routers, and more.

4. NordVPN — Meshnet Helps You Use Your Own IP Address to Watch Max Poland

Key Features:

  • 6,320+ servers with loads of Poland IP addresses
  • Meshnet links your devices so you can use your own IP address to stream
  • Stream Max Poland on 10 devices simultaneously
  • 24/7 live chat, knowledge base, and online FAQs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans

NordVPN’s Meshnet lets you watch HBO Max Poland using your home desktop IP address. This is useful if you’re away from your home network and want to stream on your smartphone, for example. You’ll first have to link all your devices in Poland, but the whole setup took me about 15 minutes. You can use it with every major platform, and it’s completely free.

But even if you connected to its Polish servers for a different IP address, NordVPN provides fast speeds and secure connections. During tests, my teammates in Poland averaged 97Mbps — a 14% decline from baseline speeds. This is more than enough to stream in high quality without lag or buffering.

Additionally, NordVPN has a feature called SmartPlay, which is what makes its servers so reliable when connecting to not just Max Poland, but dozens of other popular streaming platforms. It also offers a Smart DNS feature that allows you to stream on devices that are incompatible with VPNs.

One thing I didn’t like about NordVPN is its UI. I prefer minimalistic views, so the map is distracting. Fortunately, on my Mac, I can access all the settings and servers by clicking on NordVPN’s icon on the menu bar. It opens a narrow panel that doesn’t include the map.

Its 2-year + 3 months plan is as little as $3.09 per month, so it’s not too expensive. You can also stream for free for up to 30 days with its money-back guarantee. When I tested it for legitimacy, the support agent tried to give me an extended trial period. But they initiated my refund right away after I told them I wasn’t interested. I got my money back in 6 days.

NordVPN works with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, Chrome, Firefox, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TVs, routers, and more.

5. Surfshark — Offers Many Features for Low Prices to Stream Max Poland

Key Features:

  • 3,200+ servers in 100 countries, including Poland
  • Includes features like a speed test tool, Smart DNS, split tunneling, and obfuscation
  • Supports unlimited device connections
  • 24/7 live chat, knowledge base, and online FAQs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Surfshark includes plenty of advanced features for streaming Max Poland affordably and safely. Even its most basic plan includes features like ad and cookie pop-up blockers. Plus, you can use its personal detail generator to create a new online name, date of birth, and valid home address to register on sites you don’t fully trust.

My teammates had fantastic speeds to stream Max without interruptions. You can try its built-in speed test tool to see how each server is performing before connecting. The Bypasser tool is Surfshark’s split tunneling feature that allows you to exclude certain websites and apps from encryption. It’s also one of the best VPNs to stream on your smart TV.

Unfortunately, Surfshark took quite a while to connect to a server during my tests. This is especially long (around 30 seconds) when I’m connecting for the first time. Thankfully, subsequent connections were faster. It helps to disconnect and try again if it takes too long.

I recommend Surfshark’s 2-year + 2 months plan as it’s the most affordable at $2.29 a month. You can try it with a proven 30-day money-back guarantee. I got my money back in just 6 days after reaching out to support via its live chat feature. They asked me why I was canceling, but otherwise, processed my request without further delay.

Surfshark works with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iOS, Chrome, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, smart TVs, routers, and more.

How to Watch Max Poland With a VPN on Different Devices

Max and VPNs have apps for multiple devices, but not all. So, manual configurations are sometimes required. Since this can be tricky to figure out on your own, I’ve grouped the devices below so you’ll know which method to use to watch Max Poland with a VPN.

Windows and Mac

HBO doesn’t have native apps for Windows and macOS devices, but you can stream on your browser. All the VPNs on this list have native apps for both operating systems.

  1. Install a VPN app. I recommend ExpressVPN for its fast Poland servers to watch HBO Max without lags.
  2. Connect to a server in Poland. This will provide a Poland IP address to stream Max Poland.
  3. Watch HBO Max. Open your browser and navigate to the Max website to stream shows and movies in Poland.

Android and iOS

These devices have native Max and VPN apps, so it’s easy to start streaming once you have both installed.

  1. Get a VPN. To watch HBO Max, you need a VPN that has servers in Poland.
  2. Connect to a server in Poland. This ensures Max will provide you with Poland’s content library.
  3. Watch HBO Max. Launch the Max app and log in to stream shows and movies.

Smart TV, Roku, and Gaming Consoles

These don’t support VPNs natively, so you need to configure your VPN to your router. Any device that uses the same network will use the VPN connection.

  1. Check router compatibility. Find out your router’s model and visit your chosen VPN’s website to determine compatibility.
  2. Install the VPN. Find the installation guide on the VPN’s website and follow the instructions.
  3. Connect to a server in Poland. The online guide will also tell you how to connect to a VPN server on your router.
  4. Start streaming. Connect your streaming device to your router, and you can watch your favorite Polish shows on Max.

How to Sign Up for HBO Max

If you’re in Poland, you can sign up for a Max account by following these steps:

  1. Go to the HBO Max website. Click on Register to sign up and create a Max account. Toprotectyourtransactioninformation, I recommend using ExpressVPN to sign up and connect to a Polish server.
    Screenshot of HBO Max homepage
  2. Choose a plan. 2 payment plans are available — monthly and annual.
    Screenshot of HBO Max pricing page
  3. Fill in your details. Click “Create Account” to sign up for Max and you’ll be taken to the payment page.
    Screenshot of HBO Max sign up page
  4. Pay for Max Poland subscription. Check if all your details are correct and then click “Start subscription” to be charged.
    Screenshot of HBO Max payment page
  5. Start streaming Max Poland. Log into your account and start watching your favorite Polish movies and series.

FAQs on Watching HBO Max Poland With a VPN

Can I get Max Poland for free?

No, you can’t get HBO Max Poland for free. However, you can subscribe to Max Poland using these steps to watch all its exclusive Polish shows. Max US offers some original HBO content for free, but not the Polish shows, and it doesn’t provide free trials.

Can I watch Max Poland on game consoles, Amazon Fire Stick, and smart TVs?

Yes, you can watch Max Poland on a variety of devices using a VPN. Max has a native app for Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, LG Smart TV, Samsung TV, Vizio Smart TV, and more. Gaming consoles like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X/S also support Max.

However, gaming consoles and smart TVs don’t support VPNs natively, so you’ll have to install them to your router and connect your device to the router. Amazon Fire Stick supports native VPN apps.

Can I watch HBO Max Poland in the UK and Europe?

No. You won’t be able to access Polish content outside of Poland due to copyright laws and broadcasting regulations. While a VPN can help you watch Max Poland from other countries, this is a violation of the terms of service you agree to when you sign up. My team and I don’t condone the use of VPNs to break rules or regulations.

Can I still get HBO GO Poland content on Max?

Yes, you can easily watch your favorite Polish content with Max. HBO GO Poland is no longer available, having merged with HBO Max early in 2022. However, you don’t have to create a new account to stream — your existing HBO GO account details will work with HBO Max. All you have to do is connect to a reliable VPN with servers in Poland, sign in, and start streaming as usual.

Can I watch Polish shows on Max?

Yes, HBO Max has a large Polish content library — more than 800 movies and 200 shows in Polish. With a top VPN, you can still watch Max’s Polish content lag-free, so you don’t have to miss out on shows like W domu and Święta na farmie. You can also watch HBO Max’s global library of international content with Polish subtitles.

Is it legal to watch Max with a VPN?

Yes, it’s legal to watch Max with a VPN. However, if you use a VPN with Max to access content not available in your location, you are technically in breach of its Terms of Use. When you create an account, you agree that you will not:

“circumvent, disable, or otherwise tamper with any security technology protecting any Content”

This is due to licensing and distribution agreements. Max reserves the right to restrict or ban your account if you’re caught breaking its Terms of Use. However, there are no records of Max blocking accounts for using a VPN.

As my team and I don’t condone breaching any service terms, make sure you’re fully aware of them before connecting with a VPN. Only use a top VPN in 2024 to stream Max to protect your online privacy, especially if you’re using an unsecured public network.

Can I watch HBO Max Poland with a free VPN?

It’s possible, but unlikely. Most free VPNs don’t have servers in Poland. If available, it’ll be too crowded to have decent speeds like the top VPNs for Max Poland. Free VPNs also don’t have the resources to maintain their IP addresses, so they’re most likely already blocked by Max.

If you pick the wrong free VPN, it won’t work, but worse, might jeopardize your privacy. Many unsafe free VPNs are known to collect data and sell it in the black market. Even trustworthy free VPNs have server and data limitations that make it next to impossible to enjoy watching Max in Poland.

Watch HBO Max Poland With a VPN

Not all VPNs work reliably with Max Poland. Streaming service providers are constantly looking out for VPN traffic and blocking their IP addresses to protect their licensing agreements. That’s why my team and I tested dozens of premium VPNs to find out which ones have working servers for Max Poland for safe streaming.

ExpressVPN is my top choice for Max Poland as it’s the fastest in my tests. Plus, it has tons of working Poland IP addresses, so you can always depend on it to watch your favorite Polish shows. You can try ExpressVPN with Max Poland risk-free because it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, it’s easy to get a full refund.

Summary — These Are the Best VPNs to Watch HBO Max Poland in 2024

Top Ranked Top Choice
$6.67 / month Save 49%
CyberGhost VPN
$2.03 / month Save 84%
Private Internet Access
$2.03 / month Save 83%
$3.09 / month Save 76%
$2.29 / month Save 85%
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