NordPass Review 2023: Is It Safe Enough For Your Passwords?

NordPass Overview 2023

NordPass is a relatively new password manager, but it’s built a strong reputation. It’s secure, trustworthy, and provides helpful features for added convenience. However, I wanted to see if it was as good as the best password managers, so I tested NordPass extensively.

During tests, I was very impressed with NordPass. It uses unbreakable XChaCha20 encryption, a zero-knowledge architecture, and has useful tools like auto-save, auto-fill, passkeys, online storage, and more. However, it’s not as good as top choices like Dashlane, which also has a built-in VPN, a more intuitive interface, and a vault that holds more information.

Thankfully, you can try NordPass risk-free, as it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and has a 30-day long free trial. So, you’ll get lots of time to check whether NordPass suits your needs or if a top alternative like Dashlane is better.

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NordPass guarantees password security by using airtight encryption to safeguard your stored data. Plus, it has various safety features and comes from a privacy-focused company, so I’m confident it’s a secure way to store and use my credentials.

Top-Grade Encryption

NordPass protects your data using unbreakable XChaCha20 encryption, a safe and future-proof encryption standard. Encryption are handled locally, meaning your data is already encrypted and safe from prying eyes, when it’s communicated to NordPass’ servers.

The only way to decrypt and access your vault is via your master password, so it’s crucial to remember it. However, NordPass provides a recovery code to access your vault if you forget your password. The recovery code is available in the app’s settings menu.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security besides your master password, and NordPass offers several multi-factor authentication options. This feature is available in both free and plaid plans, but you must set it up via the web portal instead of the apps or extensions.

NordPass supports multiple two-factor authentication options

NordPass supports multiple two-factor authentication options

Currently, NordPass supports 2FA via authenticator apps and security keys. You can use various authenticator apps, including Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, and more. 2FA via security keys supports USB keys that meet the FIDO U2F standard, such as iePass FIDO k44, YubiKey 5 series, and others.

Biometric Support

NordPass lets you use biometrics instead of your master password to access your vault, which is much more convenient. You can use this feature on Windows by enabling “Unlock with Windows Hello” in the Security tab in the settings menu. Note that this feature will default to using your PIN code or Windows account password if you don’t have a fingerprint reader.

It’s easy to set up NordPass to use biometrics for authentication

It’s easy to set up NordPass to use biometrics for authentication

Also, NordPass automatically asks to enable biometrics when you first set up its mobile app. This lets you use your fingerprints on Android devices, or Face ID on iOS devices to access the vault. If you don’t enable biometrics initially, you can turn them on via the mobile app’s settings menu.

Data Breach Scanner

NordPass’ Data Breach Scanner informs you about leaked credentials by scanning the data in your vault. This tool is available in most top password managers, but NordPass stands out, as its scanner also highlights leaked credit cards. In my tests, the scanner found 7 breached accounts linked to my email, and I changed their passwords immediately.

The Data Breach Scanner notified me of various password breaches

The Data Breach Scanner notified me of various password breaches

NordPass’ Data Breach Scanner isn’t limited to the email you sign up with. It checks all the emails and credit cards you’ve stored in your vault, and you can manually add more emails to monitor. Plus, it offers real-time monitoring to instantly inform you if a saved password is breached.

You should note that this feature is only available in the paid plans, so you can’t use NordPass’ Data Breach Scanner on the free plan.

Besides the above features, NordPass has auto-locking to prevent others from accessing your vault and automatically clears copied items from the clipboard. Overall, NordPass delivers effective security with its unbreakable encryption and various safety features.

Privacy — Cleared Multiple Independent Audits and Has a Zero-Knowledge Architecture

NordPass is a trustworthy and privacy-focused app with zero-knowledge architecture. This means you’re the only one who can access your data, as it’s always encrypted before being sent to NordPass servers. The only way to decrypt your vault is with your master password, which no one except you should have.

NordPass’ zero-knowledge architecture ensures your vault stays private

NordPass’ zero-knowledge architecture ensures your vault stays private

NordPass has also cleared independent audits, including Cure53 and SOC 2 Type 1. Also, it’s ISO 27001 certified, meaning it uses the best industry practices to manage your data. Besides this, NordPass is GDPR and CCPA-compliant. These are both strict privacy regulations, giving me added confidence in NordPass’ trustworthiness.

I was pleased to see NordPass’ GDPR and CCPA compliance

I was pleased to see NordPass’ GDPR and CCPA compliance

Of course, the app collects some information, like usage statistics and diagnostic information, to help improve its app and user experience. However, NordPass never collects any sensitive data.

NordPass collects some data but never any sensitive details

NordPass collects some data but never any sensitive details

With all this in mind, I can fully trust NordPass. It’s cleared multiple audits, has a zero-knowledge architecture, complies with privacy regulations, and never keeps sensitive data.

Secure your passwords with NordPass


Multiple Tools for Safe and Efficient Password Management

NordPass includes several features for added convenience and safety while managing your passwords. It has a beginner-friendly vault, auto-save and fill, passkeys, and more.


NordPass has a highly intuitive vault for saving credentials. It stores passwords, credit cards, notes, passkeys, and other sensitive information. It’s not as comprehensive as the vaults in other top apps, which also save databases, SSH keys, and other items. However, NordPass’ vault is still impressive and will suit most people’s needs.

You can use NordPass to store various kinds of sensitive data

You can use NordPass to store various kinds of sensitive data

NordPass also lets you create multiple folders, each containing whatever passwords and data you choose. This feature is quite useful, and I used it to separate work and personal accounts, making them much easier to manage and track.

Import and Export

It’s easy to export and import passwords with NordPass, and you’ll find both features in the app’s settings menu. To import passwords, click the Import items button in the settings menu, and you’ll get a list of browsers and password managers to import from, including Dashlane, 1Password, and more. You can also import from generic CSV files.

Clicking a browser shows all the passwords saved in that browser, so you can choose what to import. On the other hand, when you click a password manager, NordPass will ask you to export a CSV file using that password manager, which you can then import.

It’s effortless to import passwords from other sources into NordPass

It’s effortless to import passwords from other sources into NordPass

I also found it easy to export passwords with NordPass. Click the Export items button in the settings menu, input your master password, and NordPass will export a CSV file with all your data. You can import this file into any other password manager to instantly get access to your credentials.


You can use NordPass to share your data safely, but only on premium plans. To share with others, tap/click the item in your vault, select the share button, and enter the recipient’s email. While sharing, you can give the recipient full or limited rights to the item. Full rights mean they can edit and view the shared item, while limited rights only let them use it.

Note that you can only share items with other NordPass users. So, ensure your recipient has downloaded and set up a NordPass account before you share an item from your vault, or they won’t receive it. Also, the sharing link expires within 24 hours, meaning it’s important for the recipient to open it quickly.

Online Storage

NordPass lets you store files in the app by adding them as attachments to your vault items. This feature isn’t available in the free plan, so you can only use it with NordPass’ Premium or Family plans. It isn’t available in NordPass’ Business or Enterprise plans either.

To store files, open any item in your vault, click the Attach File option, and select the file you want to save in your encrypted NordPass vault.

Screenshot showing how you can store files in NordPass' vault

NordPass’ vault provides secure storage for your files

You can store any type of file in NordPass’ vault. Also, it lets you open and browse any images you save within the app. To access other files, you must download them to your system beforehand.

You should note that each Premium user gets up to 3GB of file storage, and each file can have a maximum size of 50MB. Also, you can’t attach more than 50 files to 1 item. This feature also restricts sharing, as you can’t attach files to previously shared items, and items with attached files can’t be shared with others.


All top password managers are implementing passkeys in their apps, and I was pleased to see that NordPass also has this feature.

Passkeys are a form of passwordless authentication and work by creating a public and private key during account registration. Your device stores the private key, while the website/application stores the public key.

When you log into a website, these keys are paired, and you’re allowed access if your private key pairs successfully with the stored public key. Only a few websites currently support it, but NordPass always asks you to create passkeys when you try to sign up on a website that supports this feature.

Screenshot of NordPass prompting to create a passkey on a website that supports it

NordPass shows a passkey prompt supported websites

Like all other data in your vault, NordPass lets you share passkeys with others. This feature is currently available on Google, Amazon, GitHub, Nvidia, and some other websites. However, it will likely get more popular with time due to its added safety compared to password-based authentication.

Emergency Access

With NordPass, you can give people emergency access to your vault. To add trusted contacts for this feature, click the Emergency Access feature, click Give Access, enter the recipient’s email, and click the Give Access button again.

You can enter people’s emails to give them emergency access

You can enter people’s emails to give them emergency access

Contacts you share emergency access with can request access to your vault, which you must approve or deny within 7 days, or it’s approved automatically. Note that the email you share access with needs a NordPass account, or the attempt will fail.

Password Generator

NordPass provides a solid password generator to create safe passwords for all your accounts. You can use it to generate 8 to 60-character-long passwords. Plus, it lets you customize passwords by including digits, upper/lowercase letters, and symbols.

NordPass makes it easy to generate unbreakable passwords

NordPass makes it easy to generate unbreakable passwords

This feature also lets you generate passphrases for websites that require them. Plus, NordPass’ password generator automatically suggests new passwords when you sign up on new websites, thus making it perfect for securing new accounts.

Auto-Save and Fill

Auto-save and fill features help save time on web forms, and NordPass has reliable auto-save and fill tools. Note that you’ll need the NordPass browser extension to use these features on desktops. Also, the mobile apps only include the auto-fill feature, not the auto-save.

In my tests, NordPass’ auto-save instantly captured my login details whenever I logged into a website. I always got a prompt asking whether I wanted to save the credentials I used. Plus, the prompt lets you choose whether to save the login in a specific folder, which helps with organization.

NordPass’ auto-save feature instantly captures any login details you use

NordPass’ auto-save feature instantly captures any login details you use

I also found that NordPass’ auto-fill is equally reliable, as it worked well every time I tested it. I accessed several websites I previously saved credentials for, and NordPass displayed an icon in the login form that let me auto-fill my saved data.

NordPass’ auto-fill saves a lot of time on web forms

NordPass’ auto-fill saves a lot of time on web forms

If you have multiple logins, the NordPass icon will show a drop-down menu that lets you choose the one you want to use. Another thing I like is that you can add custom fields in all your NordPass vault items. This feature is especially helpful when using auto-fill to log into a website that requires more than just a username and password.

Password Health

Password Health is NordPass’ auditing feature, which helps track your overall password safety. It informs you about weak, duplicate, and old passwords, thus letting you know which passwords you need to update to improve your security.

You can enhance overall password safety with the Password Health tool

You can enhance overall password safety with the Password Health tool

Besides showing you password safety issues, Password Health also redirects to websites, letting you quickly log in and change weak passwords. The only thing I don’t like is that NordPass’ Password Health feature doesn’t provide a safety score, which you’ll find in top apps like 1Password. So, it’s not the best auditing tool available.

Overall, there are issues like only being able to share passwords with other NordPass users, the lack of a security score, and a somewhat limited vault. However, NordPass provides a good set of features to ensure you can safely and conveniently manage passwords on all your devices.

Safeguard your credentials with NordPass

Ease of Use

Highly Intuitive Apps and Extensions

You can easily install NordPass in a few minutes. Sign up on the website, download the setup, and follow the on-screen steps to begin using it on your desktop. For mobile, it’s even easier to download the app from your device’s app store and set it up.

One downside to NordPass’ desktop setup is that it doesn’t prompt you to install its browser extensions while installing the app, unlike other top password managers. You can still get these extensions via the app’s settings menu, but having this option during the setup would’ve been more convenient.

After installing NordPass, you’ll see a helpful welcome menu that’ll teach you about the app and how to set up its various features.

At the moment, you can use NordPass simultaneously on 6 devices. If you log into another device after the 6th, the one you’ve used least recently gets logged out.

Desktop Apps and Browser Extensions

NordPass offers well-designed desktop apps for Windows (10 and up), Linux (any snap 64-bit supporting system), and macOS (11 and up). Plus, it has extensions for all mainstream browsers, which include Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Opera, and Safari. You can also use it on ChromeOS, but it only supports the web vault.

I found NordPass’ desktop app especially impressive in my tests. It has a simple design that makes it easy to use the app’s features and navigate the various menus. I could easily add new passwords, edit existing ones, use the Password Health tool, change my settings, and do anything else with just a few clicks.

I found it easy to navigate the NordPass desktop app

I found it easy to navigate the NordPass desktop app

There are even visual customization options, like choosing between dark and light modes. The app was much easier on my eyes when I switched to the dark mode.

Mobile Apps

Besides being just as intuitive, NordPass’ mobile apps have all the desktop app’s features. You can easily navigate your vaults, add new entries, use the password generation tool, check the Data Breach Scanner, and more. Plus, it’s simple to enable biometrics on the mobile app, thus letting you easily log in with your fingerprint or Face ID.

NordPass’ mobile apps have beginner-friendly designs and include all the features

NordPass’ mobile apps have beginner-friendly designs and include all the features

Note that you’ll need Android 9 and up or iOS 15 and up to use NordPass, as the app isn’t supported on older versions of these platforms.

Setting up NordPass on Windows

  1. Get the free trial. Access NordPass’ website and click the Start Free Trial button to get your 30-day trial.
    Screenshot showing how to choose NordPass' free trial
  2. Enter your email. Start the free trial by entering your email and clicking the Continue button.
    Screenshot showing how to sign up for NordPass' free trial
  3. Install the app. Download NordPass’ setup, run it, and follow all the steps to install the app on your system.
    Screenshot showing how to download NordPass' setup
  4. Create your account. Create your NordPass account with the email you signed up for the trial.
    Screenshot showing how to create a NordPass account
  5. Set a master password. Set a secure master password that you can remember.
    Screenshot showing how to set up a master password for NordPass
  6. Use NordPass to protect your credentials. Start using NordPass’ various features to safely and conveniently manage your passwords.
    Screenshot of NordPass' desktop app after installation

Overall, NordPass is easy to install and use. Even people who aren’t tech-savvy can use its beginner-friendly apps and extensions to safeguard their credentials and conveniently manage passwords.


Multiple Ways to Get Help

NordPass provides reliable customer support via its live chat, email support, and Help Center. You can quickly get help with any query via the live chat, and the email support is good for asking detailed questions. Plus, the Help Center is a valuable resource with basic troubleshooting tips and how-to guides about the app.

Live Chat

NordPass’ live chat is available 24/7 and is one of the best ways to get help whenever needed. During tests, I contacted live chat support multiple times and connected to an agent within a minute. Plus, every agent I talked to was highly knowledgeable and gave useful answers to my questions.

NordPass’ 24/7 live chat provides help whenever needed

NordPass’ 24/7 live chat provides help whenever needed

I asked several questions, like how to set up biometrics, import passwords, and more. Live chat support provided useful answers and links to detailed guides about using these features each time.

Email Support

While it isn’t as fast as the live chat, NordPass’ email support is solid. In my tests, I asked email support the same questions I asked during live chats, and they gave thorough responses to every question.

You should note that answering my email took NordPass support 10 hours. So, this isn’t the best support channel if you need help instantly.

Informative Help Center

NordPass’ Help Center is a thorough knowledge base with information about setting up the app, using the various features, billing assistance, and more. This knowledge base will most likely have the information you need to fix basic issues and set up the app’s features. Plus, there’s a search function that helps quickly find the topic you’re looking for.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with NordPass’ customer support. It has responsive 24/7 live chat for quick assistance, helpful email support, and a detailed knowledge base to help with common issues.

Protect your passwords with NordPass


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Various Plans to Suit Your Needs

NordPass offers free and paid plans, and the paid plans include personal and business-focused options.

The impressive free plan has unlimited password storage, auto-save and fill, 2FA support, and NordPass’ reliable security. However, you can’t use it on multiple devices simultaneously, and it’s missing tools like the Password Health feature.

The following table shows the key differences between NordPass’ free and paid plans:

NordPass Free NordPass Premium
Simultaneous Devices 1 6
Auto-save and Autofill
Password Storage
Password Generator
Automatic Sync
Multi-factor Authentication
Password Sharing
Emergency Access
Password Health
Data Breach Scanner

Regarding its paid plans, I found that NordPass is among the more affordable password managers available. It offers separate plans for individuals and families, and each plan provides excellent value for money. There are also well-priced plans for businesses.

I also like that NordPass offers many payment options, including credit cards, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and even cryptocurrency. Of course, the payment options vary depending on your location, but I was still pleased to see such an impressive variety.

Personal Plans

NordPass offers Premium and Family plans for personal use, both available as 1-year or 2-year subscriptions. Both plans include all the app’s key features, with the only difference being that NordPass’ Family plan allows up to 6 premium accounts. So, NordPass’ 2-year Family plan is the best overall value, especially if you have people at home who need a password manager.

Business Plans

NordPass offers similar 1-year and 2-year subscription options for businesses, with the 2-year subscription offering better value. The plans include the Business and Enterprise options, which include added tools like company-wide settings, a security dashboard, Google Workspace SSO, and more.

NordPass’ Business plan allows up to 250 users. On the other hand, the Enterprise plan allows unlimited users, but you’ll have to contact NordPass’ Sales team to get a quote for it, as there’s no fixed price on the website.

Both business-focused plans are mostly similar, but NordPass Enterprise also offers user provisioning and shared folders. Plus, it allows SSO through other platforms like Azure AD, MS ADFS, and Okta.

The business facing NordPass plans also include a 1-year NordLocker license, which is Nord Security’s secure online file storage platform.

30-Day Free Trial and Money-Back Guarantee

NordPass provides 30-day free trials for the Premium and Business plans. Also, the free trials don’t require a credit card, meaning you can just sign up with your email and get a month to test this app’s premium features.

Of course, NordPass also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, even if you purchase NordPass, you have 30 additional days to try it risk-free. If you’re unsatisfied with your experience, simply submit a ticket asking for a refund, which will quickly be processed.

NordPass offers the following plans
1-Year Plan + 3 Months
$1.69 per month
2-Year Plan + 3 Months
$1.29 per month
Save 24%

Bottom Line

Overall, NordPass provides safe, affordable, and convenient password management. It combines its unbreakable XChaCha20 encryption with a zero-knowledge architecture to ensure airtight vault safety. Plus, it’s SOC 2 Type 1, GDPR, and CCPA-compliant, meaning it’s a privacy-focused app.

NordPass isn’t perfect, however, its vaults support limited data types compared to the best password managers available. Also, its sharing feature only works with other NordPass users, and the password auditing feature doesn’t give a safety score.

Despite some flaws, NordPass is a reliable overall choice. Plus, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee and an equally long free trial, meaning you can try NordPass risk-free to see if it’s right for you.

Try NordPass risk-free for 30 days

FAQs About NordPass

Is NordPass secure?

Yes, NordPass is fully secure. It has unbreakable XChaCha20 encryption, a zero-knowledge architecture, multi-factor authentication, and various safety features to ensure airtight protection.

Who owns NordPass?

NordPass is owned by the privacy-focused Nord Security company. This company operates in Panama, which has no data retention laws and is outside the 5, 9, and 14 Eyes Alliance’s jurisdiction. Also, it’s renowned for providing reliable cybersecurity apps, including one of the most reputable VPNs available.

Does NordPass have a free plan?

Yes, NordPass provides a solid free plan. It has the app’s core safety features, auto-save and fill, and unlimited password storage. However, you can’t use it on multiple devices simultaneously. Also, it’s missing tools like sharing, data breach scanning, and the password health feature.

What are NordPass’ Master Password and Recovery Code?

The master password unlocks your vault after installing and setting up NordPass. So, it’s critical to remember this password, or you may lose access to your vault.

After setting up NordPass for the first time, you get a recovery code, and it’s also available in the settings menu. Your recovery code is a last resort to access your vault if you forget your password, so keeping your code safe is crucial.

Does NordPass allow emergency access to my passwords?

Yes, NordPass’ features include an Emergency Access option. You can use this tool to give your close contacts access to your passwords during emergencies. Trusted contacts can request your passwords, and you get a week to accept/confirm the request. Requests are automatically accepted after a week, however.

You should note that NordPass only lets you set up the Emergency Access feature on paid plans. However, users on the free plan can still accept access requests if they’re invited.

Do I really need a password manager?

Yes, you need a top password manager like NordPass. It lets you safeguard all your logins and sensitive data. Also, NordPass can check for breached passwords, improve overall password safety, and save lots of time on web forms.

Try NordPass risk-free

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