How to Watch Channel 4 Outside The UK (Hint: Not Just a VPN)

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Channel 4 has taken geo blocking to a new level. They don’t just look at your IP address, but your device settings as well.  Follow the steps below in order to create an account and stream all the great Channel 4 shows.

This is how:

  1. In your device’s settings, change your location to the United Kingdom
  2. Set your time zone to GMT -0 (London)
  3. Ensure your device’s clock sets itself to GMT -0
  4. Restart your device
  5. Connect your VPN to UK-based server (We recommend ExpressVPN – it’s fast and allows for streaming at high speeds)
  6. Go to Channel 4’s registration page
  7. Fill in your information (you must use a real email as email confirmation is used)
  8. If you don’t know any UK postal codes you can use EC2R 6AB or EC4M 9HH
  9. If you don’t have Flash installed click on the link to install Flash on your device

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How to Watch Channel 4 UK from Anywhere

If you are not inside the UK, you cannot access Channel 4’s content because of copyright issues. This means that Channel 4 is blocked to anyone living or traveling outside Britain. Much like Netflix, Channel 4 has made it very difficult to bypass their geo-blocks, but unlike Netflix, just using a VPN (still vital) will not work. Read on to find out how to access your favorite Channel 4 content from anywhere.

Channel 4

We received the above error message when we attempted to Stream Channel4 Without a VPN

Once you have signed up and installed Adobe Flash Player, you can select between two popular Channel 4 options: Live or Catch up. As its name suggests, Channel 4 Live allows you to watch content as it is broadcast live.

Channel 4 Catch-up is the site’s on-demand option, allowing you to watch any content at any time. In addition to Channel 4, you also get access to More4, E4, 4Seven, and F1lm4. And the best part is that it is completely free!

Channel 4 is bound by the same copyright laws as all other legal streaming sites, so if you try accessing the shows from outside the UK, you will receive an error message stating: “Error. This service is not currently available in your area.” Because of this, it can’t give access to its shows to any countries that do not have mutual commercial agreements.

With Channel 4, there are no countries outside the UK that have these agreements, so you couldn’t watch it from anywhere else without the above method. The simplest solution for unblocking Channel 4’s geo-blocks is to find the best VPN.

Best VPNs to Watch Channel 4 UK from Anywhere

Provider name
Our score
Top Choice
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$6.60 / month
Save 49%
Top Choice
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$3.71 / month
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CyberGhost VPN
$2.25 / month
Save 83%

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, masks your real IP address and reassigns you a new one in the location of your choice by connecting to one of the VPNs servers. Additionally, a VPN offers extra security, keeping your online activities and location untraceable and anonymous.

When you connect to a UK server, you fool Channel 4’s detectors into believing that you are located in the UK, no matter where in the world you are.

Final Thoughts

Channel 4 is considered by many as one of the most diverse channels in the UK, offering both live and on-demand content that is varied enough that everyone can find something to enjoy.

However, watching Channel 4 from outside the UK is just about impossible thanks to the geo-blocks.

Because of this, you need a reliable VPN and a thorough method that can help you bypass these restrictions. Luckily, we found just the trick as laid out above, giving you everything you need to gain access to your favorite Channel 4 shows.

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