How to Watch The Mandalorian from Anywhere

Last Updated by Chase Williams on December 06, 2019

Just because you are not in the US doesn’t mean that you can’t stream The Mandalorian. While Disney Plus makes it challenging to access all their content, with a proper VPN you can stream all your favorite shows as if you are in the US.

A VPN – Virtual Private Network – allows you to route your IP address and traffic through different servers in a different country, allowing you to access content in regions that you are blocked or restricted from accessing. When using a VPN, your data is protected and you get additional security features that keep you safe. If you are unable to access Disney Plus in your country, using a VPN lets you bypass any restrictions.

Watch The Mandalorian now!

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You’ll need a VPN to get over the Disney+ geo-block

Whether you are outside the US for work or travel or you live in another country that cannot access Disney Plus, bypassing their geo-block is quite a task. If you are currently reading this, you are in one of two possible situations:

  1. You want a reliable way to unblock The Mandalorian
  2. The method you were using is no longer working

No matter which one applies to you the answer is the same – a strong VPN. Between the numerous features needed to bypass the geo-block and the Disney Plus tight control over proxies and VPNs, it can be tough to find a reliable VPN provider. Well, the search is over!

We’ve tested hundreds of VPNs against the Disney Plus block and chose the top VPN based on speed, available US servers, security, and ease of use.

Best VPN for watching The Mandalorian on Disney Plus

ExpressVPN – Amazing speeds are ideal for streaming

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  • High-quality streaming
  • Fast connection speeds
  • No buffering or throttling
  • Split Tunneling
  • 24/7 customer care
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Watch The Mandalorian now!

ExpressVPN is a solid choice for The Mandalorian thanks to its combination of super-fast US servers, superb privacy features, and helpful customer care. The US-based servers support OpenVPN (both TCP and UDP) and the strict zero-logs policy makes this VPN one of the safest available on the market.

The connection speeds are lightning-fast and allow you to stream your favorite shows without any buffering. If you find that the Disney Plus detection tool has blocked the server you are on, the technical support team will hook you up to a new server that will fix the problem in next to no time.

With an excellent variety of US-based servers and very fast speeds to match, this British Virgin Island-based VPN is possibly the most dedicated services for the best The Mandalorian experience. Plus, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out risk-free and see what we are talking about.

What to Look for When Selecting a VPN for The Mandalorian

When looking for the best VPN to unblock Disney Plus, there are a variety of features that need to be considered, all of which we took into account when making our recommendation above.

Servers in the US

This is the most important feature to look for when considering VPNs to unblock Disney Plus – you need to know that the VPN has servers that are capable of doing so. Not all VPNs have the servers needed in the US, which means they cannot offer the same capabilities and resources as the VPN services listed above.

Connection speeds

When using Disney Plus and watching The Mandalorian, you will want an HD stream that does not buffer when you are watching your favorite shows, making speed an essential feature. Our above recommendations are some of the fastest VPN services available that can also unblock Disney Plus.

Online privacy

While privacy when online may not be your biggest concern, the VPN you select should still provide a watertight privacy policy and a strict zero-logs policy to ensure that your data and identity is protected, and that no one will know that you have unblocked Disney Plus.

Customer support

When Disney Plus discovers a VPN connection, it blocks it immediately. Having access to great 24/7 live customer support allows you to find a new server quickly and easily, so you can get right back to your shows.

Final Thoughts

Getting around the geo-blocks to watch your favorite shows on Disney Plus is not as easy as it used to be, but it is definitely still possible. Using a VPN is undoubtedly the most dependable and secure way to access your favorite shows on Disney Plus, and using the recommended VPN above will help you get watching in no time.

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