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How to Access Bet365 in Portugal (Updated 2022)

Nick Polishchuk
Last Updated by Nick Polishchuk on September 22, 2022

I love to place bets on Bet365, but when I traveled to Portugal for work, it wasn’t available. After some research, I discovered that the only way of safely accessing Bet365 from countries that you’re visiting is through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN reroutes your internet traffic through one of its servers, so websites like Bet365 think you’re in that server’s location.

After testing dozens, I found ExpressVPN has the safest servers to securely access your Bet365 account while traveling. You can also try ExpressVPN risk-free with Bet365 — it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can get a refund if you’re unhappy. I tested the policy myself, and the money was returned to my account within 4 days.

Warning! Using a VPN to access Bet365 may be illegal under local laws. Please consult Portuguese legislation to make sure you aren’t breaking any laws. My team and I don’t condone using a VPN for illegal activity.

Try ExpressVPN with Bet365 risk-free

Quick Guide: 3 Steps to Access Bet365 From Anywhere

  1. Download a VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN for the fastest and most secure online betting. Try ExpressVPN risk-free.
  2. Connect to a server in a country where Bet365 is available. This could be your home country or close to your new location.
  3. Log in to your account and start using Bet365. You can start betting as soon as you have money in your account.

Access Bet365 with ExpressVPN

Why You Need a VPN to Access Bet365 from Portugal

Bet365 hasn’t been available in Portugal since 2016, among other countries. Portugal’s government even forced local ISPs to block access to any gambling websites, so as soon as Bet365 detects that you’re connecting from Portugal, you’ll receive the error message below:

“Os nossos serviços de localização detectarem que se encontra num país no qual a Bet365 não disponibiliza os seus serviços”

In English, this means, “Our location services have detected that you’re in a country in which Bet365 is not available.”

The only way to safely access your Bet365 account while in Portugal is by using a VPN to change your virtual location. When you access Bet365 with a VPN, the platform assumes that you are in the exact location of your connected server and lets you access your account. It also secures your internet connection by encrypting the data you send over the internet. This allows you to access Bet365 even if you’re visiting Portugal.

Only a few VPNs can access Bet365 from Portugal, and there are a few reasons for that. For example, some VPNs only have a few servers, which means they can be easily detected and blacklisted by Bet365. Also, the IP of their servers might have leaked, meaning that it can easily be blocked as well.

ExpressVPN is the best provider for accessing Bet365 from anywhere — it has the fastest speeds for real-time sports betting and top-tier security that’s hard to match. Plus, you can try ExpressVPN totally risk-free. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee which makes it easy to get your money back if you’re not happy.

Note: Before you connect to a VPN, read through Bet365’s Terms of Service. Though using a VPN may not violate them, accessing it from a country where you didn’t purchase your account could — especially if the platform is banned in your new location.

Unblock Bet365 with ExpressVPN

The Best VPNs to Access Bet365 from Portugal in September 2022

1. ExpressVPN — Fastest and Most Secure VPN for Accessing Bet365 From Portugal

Key Features:

  • 3000+ ultra-fast servers in 94 countries, with hundreds of servers in countries where Bet365 is available
  • Lag-free livestreaming, betting, and gaming
  • Top-tier security including RAM-only servers, an audited zero-logs policy, kill switch, Lightway protocol, and leak protection to prevent hacks and leaks
  • Place bets on up to 5 devices at once
  • 24/7 live chat to quickly solve issues while traveling
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN is your best option for accessing Bet365 from Portugal. It has a network of 3000+ worldwide servers, including 3 locations in neighboring Spain which makes it easy to access Bet365 from Portugal by connecting to a server nearby. My team and I tested dozens of servers in Western Europe, and they all worked with Bet365 without issues.

During testing, ExpressVPN servers only slowed my speeds by 15% on average — from around 350Mbps to just under 300Mbps. This is partly thanks to its Lightway protocol, which has the highest level of encryption while maintaining fast speeds. On its Madrid server, you can bet on Benfica in one tab while live streaming Liga Portugal in another with no lag or slowdowns. This is crucial since slow VPN speeds could cause a connection error and cause you to lose a bet.

Screenshot of speed tests while ExpressVPN is connected to servers in France, the US, Germany, and Australia
ExpressVPN’s servers all have lightning-fast speeds for high-stakes betting and livestreams

Aside from speed, ExpressVPN is also the safest option for Bet365. Your data is protected by 256-bit military-grade encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and a kill switch that stops your data from leaking if your connection drops.

Furthermore, it uses its own TrustedServer Technology, which means that all servers run on RAM only. Without hard drives, your IP address and internet activity can’t be stored on any ExpressVPNs servers. Therefore, even if authorities seized ExpressVPN’s servers, they wouldn’t be able to retrieve your data.

ExpressVPN also has split tunneling, which allows you to use the internet without the VPN on specific applications or devices. This means you can use the VPN to access Bet365 while using your regular ISP connection to watch Primeira Liga on Sport TV. Plus, by excluding some of your internet activity from the VPN connection, you’ll have more bandwidth for betting and better speeds.

Screenshot of Bet365's interface while ExpressVPN is connected to a server in Spain
ExpressVPN’s servers in Spain work excellently with Bet365

You can download ExpressVPN’s user-friendly apps to most major devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. If you set it up on your router, you’ll be able to connect all your WiFi-connected devices, like smart TVs, gaming consoles, and media players. You won’t be limited to just Bet365 either. With ExpressVPN my colleagues and I were successfully able to access these top betting platforms:

Roobet Casino Euro Rainbow Riches Sportsbook
BetUS WorldWinner BitStarz Betsson Casino
Barbados Casino Betsafe Casino Guts Casino Betfair

Even though ExpressVPN isn’t the cheapest, I think it’s well worth it, and by subscribing to the 1-year plan, you can get it for $6.67 a month, which is a 49% discount over the monthly price.

You can try ExpressVPN with Bet365 at no risk to you. It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you can get your money back. When I tested the process through live chat, an agent quickly approved my request, and I had my refund in my bank account within 4 days.

ExpressVPN works with: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chromebook, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Linux, Blackberry, and more.

Get ExpressVPN for Bet365 in Portugal

September 2022 Update! ExpressVPN has dropped prices for a limited time to a crazy $6.67 per month for the 1-year plan (you can save up to 49%) + 3 months free! This is a limited offer so be sure to grab it now before it's gone. See more information on this offer here.

2. CyberGhost — Bet Anonymously With Separate NoSpy Servers

Key Features:

  • 8200+ servers in 91 countries, including 150+ in neighboring Spain
  • Minimal speed loss on local servers for real-time betting and poker games
  • NoSpy servers in privacy-friendly Romania, military-grade encryption, and an automatic kill switch keep your betting secure
  • Connect up to 7 devices at once for multiple bets
  • Customer support available 24/7 via live chat and email
  • 45-day money-back guarantee policy

CyberGhost’s NoSpy servers provide an extra layer of protection for accessing Bet365 from Portugal. These servers are physically located in Romania, which has no mandatory data retention laws, and they’re exclusively owned and maintained by CyberGhost with no third-party data centers. Plus, NoSpy servers are configured to automatically delete your browsing data as soon as you log off. This means that even if someone manages to access the servers, they’ll never be able to identify you or your activity.

Aside from NoSpy servers in Romania, you’ll also have access to 8200+ servers worldwide. During testing, CyberGhost delivered excellent speeds on nearby servers (200+ Mbps) but dropped significantly on distant servers (under 20 Mbps).

Thankfully, connecting to nearby servers wasn’t too difficult since there are CyberGhost servers in virtually every Bet365 location on every continent, including 150+ next door in Spain. You’ll have no trouble finding low latency, high-speed connections from Portugal.

Screenshot of Bet365's interface while CyberGhost is connected to a server in the UK
CyberGhost’s servers in the UK always works with Bet365

To protect your real identity and data, like your credit card information, CyberGhost uses 256-bit encryption on every server. There’s also a kill switch that keeps your data safe in the rare event that the app crashes or your device reboots. No matter which server you connect to, you’ll be protected from hackers, snoops, and DDoS attacks.

It even offers static dedicated IP addresses for an extra layer of security. With your very own IP address, you’re less likely to trigger Bet365’s proxy detection system and get suspended from the platform. It was also easy to connect to other great betting sites like:

Roobet Casino Euro Rainbow Riches Sportsbook Betsson Casino
BetUS WorldWinner Bitstarz Guts Casino Barbados Casino

Even though it has one of the best monthly VPN deals, CyberGhost is much more budget-friendly on long-term subscriptions. You’ll get 83% off when you subscribe to a 3-year plan and pay just $2.19 a month.

You can also try CyberGhost’s NoSpy servers completely free when you use its generous 45-day money-back guarantee. I tested the policy myself after a few weeks of testing. I contacted support through 24/7 live chat, and my refund was processed immediately. I had the money back in my account within the week.

CyberGhost works on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chromebook, Chrome, Linux, and more.

Access Bet365 in Portugal with CyberGhost

September 2022 Update! You can subscribe to CyberGhost for as low as $2.29 per month + get extra 3 months free with the 3-year plan (save up to 82%)! This is a limited offer so grab it now before it's gone. See more information on this offer here.

3. Private Internet Access (PIA) — Massive Server Network for Reliable Access to Bet365 Without Slowdowns

Key Features:

  • 35000+ servers in 91 countries, with thousands of options in countries where Bet365 is licensed
  • No server overcrowding and slowdowns, even during peak evening hours
  • MACE ad and malware blocker, leak protection, and kill switch keep your IP from being exposed
  • Use 7 devices at once to place bets on multiple platforms simultaneously
  • 24/7 ticket support and live chat for help logging in whenever you need it
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

Private Internet Access (PIA) has a vast server network of 35000+ servers in 84+ countries, including Bet365-friendly countries like the UK, Ireland, Spain, Gibraltar, and Germany. This vast network of servers provides thousands of IP addresses which minimizes the risk of Bet365 detecting a VPN and blocking you or banning your account.

This also means it’s easy to find a low-load nearby PIA server for fast real-time betting on Bet365, Roobet, and many more platforms like:

Casino Euro Rainbow Riches Sportsbook Betsson Casino BetUS
WorldWinner Guts Casino BitStarz Betfair And More!

No matter which country you connect to, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have to deal with overcrowding and significant speed loss — even during a Championship final.

Screenshot of Bet365's interface while PIA is connected to a server in Germany
It’s easy to find a low-latency server on any of PIA’s apps

While it wasn’t as fast as ExpressVPN or CyberGhost, PIA’s speeds are still excellent for betting or online poker on Bet365. My download speeds dropped by 78% on servers furthest from my location but only 18% on local servers.

On every server, your data is protected by AES 256-bit military-grade encryption, DNS & IP leak protection, and a kill switch. PIA even has a built-in ad and malware blocker for protection from malicious scripts and trackers. By stopping annoying pop-ups and trackers from loading, every webpage you visit loads much faster and becomes more responsive,

Unfortunately, with PIA’s headquarters in the US, it falls under the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. Despite this, the company has proven its commitment to user privacy in 2 separate incidents where the US government subpoenaed user logs. In both cases, PIA stated that it had nothing to hand over.

As the most affordable VPN on this list, you can get PIA for as little as $2.19/month on a 2-year plan. Otherwise, you can get PIA for Bet365 totally free by using its 30-day money-back guarantee. After weeks of testing, I requested a refund through PIA’s 24/7 live chat. The subscription fee was returned in 4 working days.

Private Internet Access works on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chromebook, Linux, and more.

Try PIA for Bet365 in Portugal

September 2022 Update! For a limited time only, save 81% with the 2-year plan + get an additional 2 months free! Hurry and check out the deal here!

How to Choose the Best VPN to Safely Access Bet365

I tested the best VPNs on the market against the following criteria:

  • Accessibility — Every VPN on this list provides reliable access to Bet365 (from Portugal) and other popular betting sites, including Roobet, Casino Euro, Sportsbook, and more.
  • Security & Privacy — At a minimum, VPNs should have AES 256-bit encryption, DNS/IP leak protection, no-logs policies, and a kill switch to protect you from data leaks, hacks, and DDoS attacks. Obfuscation technology, dedicated IP addresses, RAM-only servers, and ad blockers can offer an extra layer of protection.
  • Speed — A consistently fast VPN minimizes the risk of interruption during online poker games and real-time sports betting. Slow, overcrowded VPN servers can cause connectivity issues and even kick you out of live games.
  • Compatibility — You should be able to easily download and use the VPN on your desktop and mobile device. Every VPN I tested is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds From Bet365

Now that you’ve chosen the VPN that suits you and can bypass Bet365’s geo-restrictions, you probably want to get on with your bets. To do that, of course, you need to load funds into your account. We’ll show you how to deposit funds and withdraw them in just a few steps.

To Deposit Funds:

  1. Launch your VPN and connect to a server where Bet365 is available. I suggest ExpressVPN — it’s the fastest and most secure VPN for accessing Bet365 from Portugal.
  2. Log in to your Bet365 account.
  3. Click on your account button at the top-right of the page. Then, go to “Bank” and “Deposit.” You’ll be able to use your registered card to deposit funds.
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit and confirm your card details. When entering the deposit amount, pay attention to the currency symbol to avoid any nasty surprises.

Screenshot showing deposit form on Bet 365 in Portuguese

  1. Confirm the transaction, and you’re done. You’ll need to provide any additional verification your bank may require, and you’ll have the funds in your Bet365 account as soon as the platform confirms it.
  2. Start betting from Portugal!

To Withdraw Funds:

  1. Get a VPN and connect to a server in your home country (or wherever else Bet365 is available). ExpressVPN has the best speeds for betting and high-stakes poker.
  2. Visit Bet365 and log in to your account.
  3. Click on your account button at the top-right of the page (next to your balance).
  4. Select “Manage Withdrawals” on the left-hand side. Then, enter your preferred method of withdrawal.

Screenshot showing withdrawal form on Bet 365 in Portuguese

  1. Click “Withdraw,” and you’re done. Note: you need a verified account to withdraw your funds.

Get ExpressVPN to access Bet365 in Portugal

FAQs on Using Bet365 from Portugal With a VPN

Is it illegal to access Bet365 from a banned country?

It depends. Even though it’s not illegal to use a VPN to access Bet365 from anywhere, you’ll need to consult the regulations of the country you’re betting from. This is even the case when you’re trying to access an account that was registered in a country where Bet365 is legal.

Many countries (including Portugal) have banned online gambling and only allow it in brick-and-mortar casinos. While this may not apply to citizens visiting the country and accessing an account they already own in a non-banned country, you’ll still have to verify the laws of the country you travel to ensure it’s not illegal to gamble online.

Which devices can I use Bet365 on?

You can use Bet365 from almost any current device with a web browser. According to the website, there are apps available for Android and iOS mobile devices, but they don’t show up on the app stores and can be tricky to locate on the main site. In either case, you should always use a premium VPN when accessing Bet365 to protect your identity and data online.

All the VPNs I tested have dedicated apps for PCs and mobile devices that you can use with Bet365. But, if you’re looking to protect all your household devices, PIA allows 10 simultaneous connections, so you can seamlessly switch between devices and place bets securely.

Can I watch live sports using a free Bet365 account?

Absolutely! However, the availability of live sports broadcasts varies by country, so you may need a high-quality VPN to watch certain events.

Also, even though the livestream is essentially free, you’ll need to have funds in your account (or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours) to be allowed to watch any live sporting events on Bet365.

What else can a VPN do besides helping me access Bet365?

Aside from helping you access Bet365 and other online betting platforms, a good VPN will also:

  • Provide anonymity and security — By rerouting your data through secure encrypted servers, a VPN keeps your personal info and browsing data out of view of hackers, your ISP, and data miners. This is especially useful if you travel frequently and connect to public WiFi networks in airports, hotels, and coffee shops.
  • Unblock access to your existing subscriptions while you travel — Since you already pay subscription fees for them, you should be able to access your favorite streaming accounts like Netflix US — even when you’re traveling.
  • Unblock essential services you rely on — A VPN allows you to connect to a server in your home country so you can securely access banking apps, news sites, and more without being blocked by region-specific firewalls.

Can I Use Free VPNs to Access Bet365 from Portugal?

Technically yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Unlike premium VPN providers with thousands of servers, free VPNs typically have limited server networks that are easily identified and blocked by sites like Bet365. Some of the worst free services even sell your personal data to advertisers.

Even the safest free VPNs have some limitations — they have slower servers and tight data restrictions that can cause drops in connection at critical moments.

Since Bet365 stores sensitive information, including your credit card details, I suggest you stick with a premium VPN like CyberGhost — you can even use its 45-day money-back guarantee to get it completely free!

Enjoy Bet365 with ExpressVPN

Access Bet365 in Portugal Now With a VPN

Whether you’re traveling to Portugal for business or pleasure, you shouldn’t have to stop using Bet365. A VPN can change your IP address so you can gain access to your Bet365 account, but not all of them will work.

After extensive testing, I found that ExpressVPN is the best VPN for accessing my Bet365 account from anywhere. Its blazing-fast speeds and advanced security kept my bets and funds secure. You can try ExpressVPN for Bet365 without any risk. All plans are backed by a “no-questions-asked” 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t happy, you can get your money back. I tested it myself, and the full amount was refunded to my account in just 4 days.

Get ExpressVPN for Bet365 today!

Summary: These Are the Best VPNs for Bet365 (Updated September 2022)

Top Choice
$6.67 / month Save 49%
CyberGhost VPN
$2.29 / month Save 82%
Private Internet Access
$2.19 / month Save 82%
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