How to Live Stream Sports for Free Online (Updated 2020)

Last Updated by Bethany Chester on March 13, 2020

Are you tired of going to the local bar or paying for costly cable packages just to catch your favorite games? Did you know that you can live stream sports for free online from any mobile device, desktop computer or laptop?

Sadly, depending on your location, sports licensing laws may prevent you from streaming sporting events. For example, the BBC iPlayer streams a variety of live sporting events, but you can only stream them if you’re located in the UK.

That’s why using a VPN is your best solution. I’ve tested several VPN service providers to find some that can get around these geo-restrictions while maintaining fast internet speeds. Based on its performance, ExpressVPN is my top choice.

Below, I’ll show you how to use a VPN to stream any live sports games without restrictions — no matter where you are in the world.

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Are You Struggling to Watch Your Favorite Games?

Today, most major sporting events are live-streamed for free. These include:

American Football

  • College football — stream on ESPN on ABC (US), NBC Sports (US), and Fox Sports (various countries)
  • NFL — stream on Fox Sports (various countries), Yahoo Sports (various countries), and TSN (Canada)
  • Super Bowl — stream on CBS Sports (US), BBC iPlayer (UK), and Channel 7 (Australia)


  • World Athletics Championships — stream on NBC Sports (US), BBC iPlayer (UK), and CBC (Canada)


  • Major League Baseball — stream on Yahoo Sports (various countries), Fox Sports (various countries), and NHK (Japan)
  • MLB World Series — stream on ESPN on ABC (US)
  • World Baseball Classic — stream on Fox Sports (various countries)


  • NBA — stream on Yahoo Sports (various countries), Fox Sports (various countries), L’Equipé (France), and ESPN on ABC (US)

Car Racing

  • Formula 1 — stream on (Austria and Germany), Channel 4 (UK), and Network 10 (Australia)
  • NASCAR — stream on NBC Sports (US) and Fox Sports (various countries)
  • World Rally Championships — stream on Red Bull TV (various countries)


  • The Ashes — stream on 9Now (Australia)
  • Cricket World Cup — stream on Channel 4 (UK)
  • World Test Championship — stream on Channel 7 (Australia)


  • Tour de France — stream on NBC Sports (US), Eurosport (Europe), Rai Sport (Italy), RSI (Switzerland), and L’Equipé (France)


  • The Masters Tournament — stream on 9Now (Australia) and TSN (Canada)
  • Presidents Cup — stream on NBC Sports (US) and Channel 9 (Australia)
  • Ryder Cup — stream on NBC Sports (US)


  • EuroHockey Championship — stream on BBC iPlayer (UK)
  • Ice Hockey World Championships — stream on FreeSports (UK)
  • Stanley Cup — stream on NBC Sports (US) and Fox Sports (various countries)
  • Women’s World Championships — stream on The World Game on SBS (Australia)


  • UEFA Champions League — stream on Eurosport (Europe), SonyLIV (India), RSI (Switzerland), and (Austria and Germany)
  • Coppa Italia — stream on RAI Sport (Italy)
  • EFL Cup — stream from BBC iPlayer (UK) and ITV Player (UK)
  • Europa League — stream RSI (Switzerland)
    European Football Championships — stream on ITV Player
  • (UK)
  • FA Cup — stream on the BBC iPlayer (UK)
  • FIFA World Cup and Women’s World Cup — stream on The World Game on SBS (Australia), Rai Sport (Italy), and SonyLIV (India)
  • English Premier League games — stream on BBC iPlayer (UK)
  • Serie A games — stream on RAI Sport (Italy)
    Bundesliga games — stream on (Austria and Germany)
  • La Liga games — stream on GOL (Spain)

Mountain Biking

  • UCI Mountain Bike World Cup — stream on Red Bull TV (various countries)


  • MotoGP World Championship — stream on Network 10 (Australia) and SonyLIV (India)


  • Netball World Cup — stream on BBC iPlayer (UK)


  • Rugby Union — stream on Channel 4 (UK)
  • Rugby World Cup — stream on TSN (Canada) and ITV Player (UK)
  • Six Nations — stream on BBC iPlayer (UK) and iTV (UK)


  • Australian Open — stream on 9Now (Australia)
  • Grand Slam — stream on NBC Sports (US)
  • Wimbledon — stream on BBC iPlayer (UK), Channel 7 (Australia), ESPN on ABC (US), and NHK (Japan)
  • US Open — stream on ESPN on ABC (US) and SBS (Australia)


  • Major League Wrestling — FreeSports (UK)
  • Sumo wrestling — stream on NHK (Japan)
  • WWE — stream on Fox Sports (various countries)


  • Commonwealth Games — stream on Channel 7 (Australia) and BBC iPlayer (UK)
  • Olympics Games, including Winter Olympics, Paralympics, and Youth Olympics — stream on NBC Sports (US), and NHK (Japan)
  • World Urban Games — stream on Eurosport (Europe)

Unfortunately, most of these sports events are geo-restricted — so you need to be in a specific country to watch them.

Thankfully, I have a solution for you. By choosing the right VPN, you can easily bypass such content restrictions. A VPN allows you to stream live sports, such as baseball, football, basketball, and more, no matter where you are in the world.

How to Use a VPN to Watch Sports Online in 4 Steps 

Setting up a VPN to live stream sporting events is simple. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Get a VPN — you’ll need one with top speeds for a quality stream.
  2. Download the VPN software for the platform you need — for example, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, or Windows.
  3. Install the VPN and pick a server in the right location. For example, if you’re watching sports on BBC iPlayer, then you’ll need a UK server.
  4. Once you’re connected, log in to the website that’s streaming the event and enjoy!

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Top 3 VPNs for Streaming Live Sports

Here are my top three recommended VPN service providers for streaming sports online.

1. ExpressVPN— Best for Live Sports in HD


ExpressVPN has super fast speeds, which is essential for watching live sports in HD. The servers are designed to handle high bandwidth and can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously, so everyone in your household can stream live sporting events and enjoy the best picture quality.

This provider will ensure you always stay connected reliably and consistently — in my personal experience, there’s no risk of losing connection or annoying buffering while streaming.

You can try ExpressVPN with its 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk involved if you’re not satisfied with the results.

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2. NordVPN — Top Speed and Security

image of nordvpn homepage on mobile, tablet, and laptop screens
image of nordvpn homepage on mobile, tablet, and laptop screens

NordVPN is another fantastic option for streaming live sports. It’s one of the best VPNs today, both in terms of speed and security.

You can connect up to six devices at once, and you don’t need to worry about buffering, since NordVPN provides unlimited bandwidth and respectable speeds.

Like ExpressVPN, NordVPN can also bypass the BBC iPlayer’s geo-restrictions, which is a crucial piece to the puzzle if you plan on watching any sporting events from the UK.

NordVPN also has a money-back guarantee after 30 days, so you can claim your money back if you’re not happy.

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3. CyberGhost — Connect 7 Devices at Once

With unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds, CyberGhost is a solid option for live streaming sports. You can connect up to seven devices at once so the whole family (plus friends!) can enjoy watching sports at the same time.

The service offers a generous 45-day money-back guarantee — the longest refund policy out of all the VPNs I’ve recommended.

Unfortunately, CyberGhost isn’t accessible in China, which will only affect you if you’re living or traveling there.

Enjoy live sports with CyberGhost!

What Sports Can You Watch With A VPN?

Depending on your location, there’s bound to be geo-restrictions on streaming services or sporting channels. That’s why a VPN is the best solution, as you can access every service. Make sure you choose a secure VPN with servers available in the countries you want to stream from.

The options are endless — VPNs allow you to watch the UEFA Champion and Europa Leagues, Premier League, Bundesliga, Series A, MLS, LaLiga, FI, NBA playoffs, MotoGP, NHL, NFL, Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, UFC, La Vuelta, the ICC Cricket, tennis opens, and many more. With the right VPN, you’ll have access to any sporting event you can name.

Be mindful that most countries block certain programs or channels, and this can limit your options depending on which VPN you have. Make sure you have a premium VPN that can access servers in all your preferred locations.

How To Connect To Foreign Channels

TV channels often have broadcasting licenses so that their programs can only be streamed in certain countries. If you’re abroad and want to watch a channel from your home country, you’ll need a VPN to spoof your location. With a VPN, you can adjust your IP address, making it appear as if you’re located in a country where your favorite channels are available.

Sling TV is a US service that offers users 30 channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports, TNT, NFL Network, Golf Channel, and BeIN US. With the combination of a Sling TV subscription and a VPN with reliable US servers, you’ll be able to stream any of these channels regardless of your actual location.

SkySports also offers packages that will let you choose from an extensive range of sporting streams. As it’s a UK-based company, you’ll need a UK IP address to access it. You can also watch BT Sport — yet another service with multiple sporting channels — with a UK IP address.

If you want to stream European sporting events and matches, then EuroSport is the best service for you, requiring an IP address from an EU country. Both EU and UK IP addresses can be gained by purchasing a premium VPN service, like the ones recommended above.

There are also services, such as BeIN Sports, which have global networks and broadcast games from every corner of the world. BeIN Sports is based in the Middle East but shows all major worldwide sporting events, like the English Premier League and the Bundesliga.

How To Watch Out For Copyright Risks

Sports licensing laws may prevent you from streaming sporting events based on your location. Channels are geo-restricted due to licensing deals that are specific to certain countries. If you can’t access cable TV or streaming sites in your country, you may even run into some copyright issues.

It’s not illegal to buy a subscription to a service, such as Sling TV or SkySports. However, it may be illegal to access them via a VPN, depending on your country. It’s important that you stay within the law, or you could be fined under a copyright act.

While I don’t condone the illegal use of VPNs to access copyrighted material, I believe VPNs are needed to ensure your safety and privacy while streaming. Using a VPN can also hide your online activity from government agencies, who tend to take piracy and streaming very seriously.

With a quality VPN, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN, your data will be encrypted and your identity will remain private, allowing you to avoid any unwanted attention.


The VPNs I’ve mentioned here will allow you to access some of the best free live sports streaming services from anywhere in the world.

You’ll get the best connection speeds if you opt for ExpressVPN (and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee) — but all the VPNs on the list are world-class, top-notch services, so any of them will serve you brilliantly.

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