5 Best Torrent VPNs for Safe & Anonymous Torrenting in 2024

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Hundreds of VPNs claim to be safe for torrenting but aren’t. Many don’t provide the best security, anonymity, and fast download speeds you need for quick, safe downloads. Without protection, your data could be exposed to hackers, trackers, malware, and more.

I tested more than 50 VPNs to find the best ones and found ExpressVPN is the top choice for torrenting in 2024. Every ExpressVPN server is torrent-friendly and blazing-fast, with impressive security and zero-log privacy for safe, anonymous downloads.

You can torrent with ExpressVPN risk-free as it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee for assurance. If you’re not satisfied, it’s easy to get a full refund — it took me just a couple of minutes using 24/7 live chat, and I had my money back in 5 days.

Torrent safely with ExpressVPN

Warning! Downloading copyrighted material can get you into a lot of trouble. My team and I do not condone using a VPN for any illegal activities. Always check the rules and regulations of your country before using a VPN to torrent.

Quick Guide: Best VPNs for Torrenting in 2024

  1. ExpressVPN — #1 VPN for torrenting with high-level encryption, an audited no-logs policy, excellent speeds, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Torrent with ExpressVPN risk-free!
  2. CyberGhost — Optimized servers specifically configured for secure torrenting and has a built-in blocker against malware, but not as fast as ExpressVPN.
  3. Private Internet Access — Highly secure VPN with port forwarding for faster torrenting, but based in the US which isn’t privacy friendly.
  4. NordVPN — Dedicated P2P servers in more than 40 countries for optimized torrenting, but apps aren’t intuitive for beginner users.
  5. Surfshark — Configure torrent apps to automatically route through a VPN connection, but short-term plans are costly.

The Best Torrenting VPNs (Full Test Results as of 2024)

1. ExpressVPN — Top-Tier Security and Excellent Speeds for Anonymous Torrenting

Key Features:

  • All 3,000+ servers in 105 countries support torrenting
  • Military-grade encryption, leak protection, kill switch, and RAM-based servers ensure your data is hidden
  • Based in the British Virgin Islands with an audited and proven no-logs policy
  • 24/7 customer service available over live chat and email
  • Supports 8 device connections simultaneously
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN’s entire network of 3,000+ servers support torrenting, and it’s compatible with popular torrent clients like Vuze, BitTorrent, and uTorrent. Every connection is secured by premium features to protect your torrent activity, keeping you safe and anonymous at all times. These features include:

  • AES-256-bit encryption — keeps all traffic secure, away from hackers, trackers, and advertisers.
  • Network Lock kill switch — automatically blocks the internet if the VPN connection is interrupted, preserving your data security.
  • Data leak protection — stops accidental DNS, WebRTC, and IP leaks from exposing your true IP address and torrenting traffic.
  • Server obfuscation — masks your VPN connection to look like regular traffic, avoiding proxy blocks that could interfere with torrenting.
  • TrustedServer Technology — uses RAM-based servers that make it easy to remove sensitive data, and are wiped clean during scheduled reboots.
  • Zero-logs privacy policy — independently audited and real-world evidence shows ExpressVPN truly keeps no logs.

I was impressed by ExpressVPN’s consistently fast download speeds — I could torrent a 5GB file in just over 2 minutes. My speeds only dropped by a tiny 18% on average, which is significantly faster than other premium VPNs on the market and barely noticeable when torrenting.

Screenshot of ExpressVPN speed tests showing servers in the US, UK, Australia, and Germany
ExpressVPN’s fast speeds are ideal for downloading large files

These fast speeds are due to ExpressVPN’s proprietary Lightway protocol. Lightway was designed for speed and security and is ExpressVPN’s default protocol. I found I could download torrents faster when connected to Lightway. ExpressVPN also supports OpenVPN, which you can select manually in the “Protocol” tab in Options.

For easy torrenting on all devices, ExpressVPN supports up to 8 simultaneous connections — I didn’t have to log out of 1 device to file-share on another. Plus, ExpressVPN has a native router app (Asus, Linksys, and Netgear models) that makes connecting to and changing servers on your entire network quick and easy.

The downside is that ExpressVPN doesn’t natively support port forwarding. Although it is possible to set up port forwarding on a router running ExpressVPN, forwarded ports aren’t protected by the VPN. Fortunately, ExpressVPN’s connection speeds are reliable and fast, so it’s not necessary to port forward for the best experience.

You can try torrenting with ExpressVPN risk-free for $6.67/month — a discount of 49% for its 1-year + 3 months plan. If you’re not satisfied, you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. I tested the money-back guarantee by chatting with support on the 24/7 live chat. I had my money back within 5 days.

ExpressVPN unblocks: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, Max, Paramount+, Showtime, ESPN, DAZN, and more.

ExpressVPN works on: Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box, Google Chromecast, Roku, Android TVs, smart TVs, routers, and more.

2024 Update! ExpressVPN has dropped prices for a limited time to a crazy $6.67 per month for the 1-year plan + 3 months free (you can save up to 49%)! This is a limited offer so be sure to grab it now before it's gone. See more information on this offer here.

2. CyberGhost — Optimized Servers Provide Fast, Secure Connections for Torrenting

Key Features:

  • 11,676+ servers in 100 countries (with optimized servers for torrenting)
  • Military-grade encryption, data leak protection, and kill switch
  • Based in Romania and has a strict no-logs privacy policy
  • 24/7 customer support with live chat and email
  • Connect up to 7 devices at once
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

CyberGhost provides a range of servers optimized for secure and smooth torrenting in 70+ locations. You can access these servers in the “For torrenting” tab on the VPN app, and these can be arranged in alphabetical order or by distance. Simply double-click on the country’s name and you’ll be connected to the best available server in that location.

It’s easy to choose the best CyberGhost server for torrenting

It’s easy to choose the best CyberGhost server for torrenting

On average, my speed dropped around 24% during my tests — I could download a 5GB file in roughly 5 minutes. When I used the WireGuard protocol, I found speeds are significantly faster on the optimized servers. However, my speeds did start to slow down on servers far away from my physical location, so it’s best to choose a nearby connection.

To ensure your torrenting connections are always secure and anonymous, CyberGhost has a range of top-tier features to protect your activity. These include:

  • Military-grade encryption — protects all torrent activity to keep your connection secure and private.
  • Leak protection — stops DNS and IP leaks from revealing your data and compromising your anonymity.
  • NoSpy servers — owned and operated by CyberGhost in Romania, these servers add a layer of protection, so your activity is even more private.
  • App rules — configure CyberGhost to connect to a server when you launch your torrent client to ensure you’re always protected.
  • Audited privacy policy — independent audits prove CyberGhost cannot and will not log your connection data at any time.

I was pleased to find CyberGhost’s apps are easy to download and set up, and provide up to 7 connections at the same time. CyberGhost also has router configuration, but unfortunately does not allow port forwarding at all — this is to stop unauthorized access to your device, but can also mean downloads take longer to complete.

You can try CyberGhost’s optimized torrenting servers risk-free. It has a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is the longest guarantee I’ve seen. It’s easy to get your money back if you want a refund. I tested this by sending a request over 24/7 live chat and the representative processed my refund immediately. I had my money back in a week.

CyberGhost unblocks: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, Max, Paramount+, Showtime, ESPN, DAZN, and more.

CyberGhost works on: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, Android TVs, smart TVs, routers, and more.

2024 Update! You can subscribe to CyberGhost for as low as $2.03 per month + get an extra 4 months free with the 2-year plan (save up to 84%)! This is a limited offer so grab it now before it's gone. See more information on this offer here.

3. Private Internet Access — Huge Server Network With Customizable Security for Torrenting

Key Features:

  • Huge network of 35,000+ servers in 91 countries all allow torrenting
  • Military-grade encryption, leak protection, and kill switch available
  • Based in the US, but the privacy policy has been audited
  • Customer support through live chat and email
  • Allows unlimited device connections at the same time
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Private Internet Access (PIA) has an enormous network of 35,000+ servers, all supporting torrenting. This makes it easy to pick a nearby location for the best speeds and a reliable connection.

With such a large network, I found PIA’s speeds are reliably fast and servers have minimal congestion. On average, my speeds dropped by around 30% — I could torrent a 5GB file in around 8 minutes. I did notice that my speeds were slower over long distances, so I recommend using the WireGuard protocol to keep speeds as fast as possible.

I was impressed with PIA’s high level of customizability, which let me fine-tune my torrent connections. I could reduce my encryption from AES-256-bit to AES-128-bit to improve speeds without compromising security, activate the Advanced Kill Switch, and even configure PIA’s SOCKS5 proxy with my torrent client for faster downloads (port forwarding isn’t permitted on US servers).

Image of PIA's Windows app, showing the customizable features that can provide a network speed boost.

PIA’s customization options are ideal for fine-tuning your torrent connection

Alongside customization, PIA also offers a range of features to ensure secure and anonymous torrenting, including:

  • Connection automation — lets you configure PIA to automatically connect when using unsecured WiFi or public networks to guarantee data security.
  • MACE ad and malware blocker — stops malicious ads, trackers, and malware from infecting your devices when torrenting.
  • Split tunneling — ensures torrent clients are only active when connected to a VPN server.
  • Zero-logs privacy policy — which has been independently audited to confirm PIA never logs or stores your data.

The only downside is that PIA is headquartered in the US, a notoriously unfriendly location for data security. While independent audits convince me that my data is protected and anonymous, this may be a concern for privacy-focused torrenters.

As one of the top monthly VPNs in 2024, PIA is an affordable choice for torrenting. Plans start at $2.19/month for a 3-year + 2 months subscription, and every plan is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. You’re entitled to a full refund if you change your mind, and when I tested the process, I had my money back within a week.

PIA unblocks: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, Max, Paramount+, Showtime, ESPN, and more.

PIA works on: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, Android TVs, smart TVs, routers, and more.

2024 Update! You can subscribe to PIA for as low as $2.03 per month + get an extra 4 months free with the 2-year plan (save up to 83%)! This is a limited offer, so grab it now before it's gone! See more information on this offer here!

4. NordVPN — Threat Protection Secures Against Malware Attacks When Torrenting

Key Features:

  • 6,300+ servers in 111 countries, plus optimizing P2P connections
  • AES-256-bit encryption, Threat Protection, SOCKS5 proxy, and more
  • Based in Panama, with no data retention laws
  • 24/7 live chat support, plus email and online help site
  • Secures up to 10 devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

NordVPN’s Threat Protection stops insidious malware from attacking your devices, even when the VPN isn’t connected. This is ideal for browsing torrent sites, which are infamous for hosting malware and viruses. With Threat Protection active, I was confident I could search for torrents without risking my device or data security, and without seeing ads.

Image of NordVPN's Windows app, showing the Threat Protection feature switched on.

Threat Protection defends against viruses and harmful downloads

With optimized servers in more than 50 locations, NordVPN has an impressive network for reliable and fast connections. During tests, my speeds dropped by just 19% on average, letting me download a 5GB file in around 4 minutes. I recommend using the proprietary NordLynx protocol for top speeds and high-level torrent security.

As well as optimized servers, NordVPN has the following top-tier features for secure and anonymous file-sharing:

  • Meshnet feature — creates an encrypted network between your devices, letting you securely access your home network to torrent when traveling abroad.
  • Dark Web Monitor — searches for leaked data (like emails, passwords, and other personal information) to alert you if your sensitive data is found online.
  • Torrenting presets — ready-made or configurable 1-click connections optimized for your torrenting experience (macOS only).
  • Zero-logs privacy policy — NordVPN has been audited several times to prove it won’t store your data when connected.

You’ll find NordVPN’s apps are quick to download, although they’re not the most intuitive to use — some features, like the kill switch, aren’t active on download, and it can be tricky to connect to specific individual servers. NordVPN is compatible with many devices (including routers) and has a SOCKS5 proxy you can configure with Deluge and uTorrent.

You can torrent with NordVPN for as little as $3.39/month, and each plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Should you change your mind, you can get a full refund by contacting the 24/7 live chat. When I requested a refund, I had my money back in 6 days.

NordVPN unblocks: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, Max, Paramount+, Showtime, ESPN, and more.

NordVPN works on: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, Android TVs, smart TVs, routers, and more.

5. Surfshark — Generous Device Connections to Protect All Torrenting Devices Simultaneously

Key Features:

  • Torrenting allowed on all 3,200+ servers in 100 countries
  • Military-grade encryption, CleanWeb, split tunneling, and more
  • Based in the Netherlands, part of the 9 Eyes alliance
  • 24/7 live chat, email, and online support site
  • Protects unlimited devices at the same time
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Surfshark supports unlimited device connections simultaneously, meaning you can connect all of your torrenting platforms and other devices. With apps for popular devices, it’s easy to set up and connect to Surfshark for near-instant torrenting, including compatible routers for full WiFi coverage.

I was pleased to find Surfshark has a range of security and privacy features to protect torrenting, including:

  • CleanWeb — stops malicious ads, trackers, and malware from attacking your devices when connected to the VPN.
  • NoBorders — obfuscated servers let you torrent without networks being able to recognize your VPN technology, enabling you to bypass VPN blocks.
  • Bypasser — a split tunneling feature that ensures your torrent client always uses the encrypted VPN connection.
  • MultiHop — configurable double-VPN connection that routes your traffic through 2 servers, which improves security for countries with strict censorship.

During tests, Surfshark’s nearby servers had the best speeds, with long-distance connections reducing my speeds significantly — I had an average loss of 20%, and my 5GB file downloaded in 6 minutes. You can use Surfshark’s built-in speed test to check which server connections have the best speeds.

You can rest assured that your torrent activity is private, as Surfshark uses RAM-based servers and has an audited zero-logs policy. However, Surfshark’s Netherlands headquarters may be a concern, as it’s part of the 9 Eyes Alliance — but no data retention is required by companies based there.

Unfortunately, Surfshark doesn’t support SOCKS5 proxies or port forwarding, both of which are useful for fast, smooth torrenting. This is a little disappointing, especially as these features would help to boost speeds over distant connections.

If you want to torrent with Surfshark, plans start at $2.19/month for a 2-year + 3 months subscription. You can try it risk-free with the 30-day money-back guarantee. Getting a refund is as easy as contacting the 24/7 live chat and making a request — I had my money back in 7 days.

Surfshark unblocks: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, Max, Paramount+, Showtime, ESPN, and more.

Surfshark works on: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, Android TVs, smart TVs, routers, and more.

Comparison Table: 2024’s Best Torrenting VPNs

Server Number Server Countries No-Logs Policy Kill Switch Privacy-Friendly Jurisdiction? Port Forwarding Lowest Monthly Cost
ExpressVPN 3,000+ 105
✔British Virgin Islands
Router apps only
CyberGhost 11,676+ 100
✔Romania $2.03
PIA 35,000+ 91
USA $2.19
NordVPN 6,300+ 111
✔Panama $3.39
Surfshark 3,200+ 100
Netherlands $2.19

Warning! Avoid These VPNs for Torrenting

Turbo VPN

This is a mobile-only VPN that actively blocks BitTorrent use and doesn’t work with any torrenting websites.

VPN Unlimited

While this VPN allows torrenting, the number of P2P-friendly servers is very small — you’ll likely experience user congestion and horrendous download speeds.

3 Easy Steps: How to Torrent Safely With a VPN

  1. Get a torrenting VPN. For blazing-fast download speeds and torrent support on every server, ExpressVPN is the top choice for safe P2P file-sharing in 2024.
  2. Connect to a server. Choose a torrent-optimized server for top speeds and secure downloads.
  3. Open your torrent client and start torrenting! You can safely start downloading once you’re protected by the VPN connection.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Torrenting

I tested the leading VPNs in 2024 to find the best for torrenting, and ensured that each VPN complied with the following criteria:

  • Openly allows torrenting — not every VPN has servers that support torrenting, so I checked each VPN’s website to determine its stance on torrenting.
  • Strict no-logs policy — you don’t want your VPN to track, store, or share any of your downloading and uploading activity with third parties.
  • Kill switch — this is an essential safeguard that automatically blocks all traffic when you’re switching servers (or if the VPN connection is interrupted), ensuring your traffic is always hidden from anyone who might be watching.
  • High-speed server network — it’s important for a VPN to have unlimited bandwidth and fast servers globally, so you can torrent multiple large files at once without any lag or interruptions.
  • Works on all devices — all the top torrenting VPNs have a high-performing native app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and more.
  • Money-back guarantee — I personally tested this for every VPN to make sure you can get a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

FAQs: Torrenting and VPNs

Do I really need a VPN when torrenting?

Yes, it’s crucial to use a VPN to protect your torrenting traffic from fellow peers, seeders, and uploaders. When you torrent without a VPN, your personal data is completely exposed — including your IP address, general location, download history, and more. Online groups like I Know What You Download can publish your torrent activity for anyone to see.

A VPN encrypts your internet traffic against anyone who might be watching and protects you from cyber threats. No one can see what you’re torrenting, which sites you visit, or any of your personal data. Some VPNs also have a built-in blocker against malware and trackers — useful when browsing files on torrent sites that are notorious for viruses.

What’s the cheapest VPN for torrenting?

Based on my tests and research, CyberGhost is the best cheap VPN for torrenting in 2024. For as little as $2.03/month with a 2-year + 4 months subscription, you get access to optimized P2P servers, reliably fast download speeds, and top-tier features for secure, private torrenting. Plus, CyberGhost has a generous 45-day money-back guarantee.

Which country is the best for torrenting?

Your torrent location doesn’t matter, providing torrenting is legal in your country. I recommend you connect to a secure and private VPN server either in your own country or a nearby location — this will provide an anonymous, fast connection for smooth downloads. An optimized server location will also boost speeds and security for the best experience.

What’s the best VPN protocol for torrenting?

The most secure VPN protocols for torrenting are OpenVPN and WireGuard, which many of the top VPNs for torrenting in 2024 support. OpenVPN is an open-source protocol and a reliable option for fast speeds and security. WireGuard is a newer and more lightweight protocol, and it’s been primed to take over OpenVPN as the new gold standard.

The best VPNs for torrenting even have their own proprietary protocols, which surpass WireGuard and OpenVPN. For example, ExpressVPN developed its own Lightway protocol. It shares the same high-level security as WireGuard and OpenVPN, but it’s even faster.

Is torrenting legal?

Yes, but it’s complicated. Torrenting is legal as long as files are in the public domain or free to download. Sharing or downloading copyrighted content, even accidentally, is illegal — with or without a connection to a highly-secure VPN.

Many countries have blocked torrent sites entirely in an attempt to prevent online piracy and reduce illegal sharing of copyrighted material. Different countries have different laws involving torrenting. Here are a few countries with strict torrenting laws, and some of the punishments at risk if you accidentally break the law:

Country Legislation Maximum Prison Sentence Maximum Fine
Australia Commonwealth Copyright Act 5 years $122,000
Canada Copyright Modernization Act N/A $5,000
Germany German Civil Procedure Act 3 years $1,550 per file
UK Digital Economy Act (DEA) and Copyright, Designs, and Patents Act (CDPA) 10 years Unlimited
US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) 5 years $150,000

I always recommend that you check your local laws on torrenting before downloading any files. I don’t condone any illegal activity, so make sure you only download files in the public domain.

Do VPNs hide my torrenting from my ISP?

Yes, a quality VPN hides your real IP address and encrypts your connection, so none of your activity is readable. When connected to the VPN server, all your ISP can see is that you’re using an encrypted connection. Your ISP cannot see what you’re doing while online, like websites you visit or your downloading history.

Just make sure to choose a trusted VPN service, with a strict no-logs policy, military-grade encryption standards, leak protection, and a kill switch. If your VPN provider then has access to all your activities, so you need to choose one that’s been proven as trustworthy and actually follows its privacy claims.

How do VPNs protect your privacy while torrenting?

A quality VPN uses top-tier security and privacy features so no one can see your personal info or activity. When I tested the best VPNs for torrenting in 2024, I evaluated each VPN against strict criteria — including whether the VPN has high levels of encryption, leak protection, a kill switch, a strict no-logs policy, and more.

Is it safe to torrent with a SOCKS5 proxy?

It depends. The most secure way to torrent is with a VPN, but you can use a SOCKS5 proxy alongside it. On its own, the SOCKS5 proxy is unsecured and your torrenting traffic is unencrypted. This makes download speeds faster but leaves you exposed to spying third parties. This includes trackers, advertisers, fellow torrenters, and even hackers.

A service like PIA comes with a free SOCKS5 proxy you can use. Through the PIA app, SOCKS5 is configured with the MultiHop feature, but you can use PIA’s SOCKS5 proxy directly with your torrent client. Simply log in to your PIA account, click “Downloads,” and scroll down to “VPN Settings.” This gives you SOCKS details to input into your torrent client.

Does a VPN affect torrenting speed?

Yes, although the best VPNs for torrenting are designed to mitigate speed loss. The slowdown is barely noticeable when you have a VPN with fast protocols (like WireGuard or OpenVPN). A VPN connection may even improve your torrenting speeds if your ISP slows your speeds because of high-bandwidth activities, like large P2P transfers.

You should try to connect to a server that is close to your physical location. This reduces latency (the time it takes for data to reach the server and respond) and maintains a fast connection, ensuring your torrents finish downloading quickly.

Can I torrent with a free VPN?

Yes, but I don’t recommend it. With a free service, you won’t get the fast speeds, secure connections, and device compatibility you need for torrenting — you can only get these with a premium VPN. Instead, you’ll be subject to slow connections, limited data, and congested servers.

While it’s safe to torrent with some free services, even the best free VPNs in 2024 aren’t ideal for P2P file-sharing. If you only need to torrent a few files, I recommend using a premium VPN with a long money-back guarantee like CyberGhost. You can enjoy unlimited torrenting for free for 45 days with the money-back guarantee.

Screenshot of a user successfully requesting a refund from CyberGhost over live chat with the 30-day money-back guarantee
CyberGhost processed my refund quickly and easily

It was easy and hassle-free to get my refund when I tested it myself. It only took a couple of minutes to process my refund over 24/7 live chat and I had the money back within a week.

Stay Safe While Torrenting With a VPN

Using a VPN is the safest and easiest way to protect yourself when torrenting. To keep my data secure, I always launch ExpressVPN before I start torrenting. Its privacy policy has demonstrated its effectiveness in real-world scenarios, and it provides robust encryption, making it an exceptionally secure choice. Additionally, I found it to be the quickest VPN I’ve ever used, ensuring that your downloads won’t experience any unusual delays.

Don’t have to take my word for it, though. You can try ExpressVPN with your torrents risk-free! I think you’ll find it’s a great choice for P2P file-sharing, but if you’re not satisfied, you have 30 days to get a full refund, no questions asked.

Summary — Best VPNs for Torrenting in 2024

Top Ranked Top Choice
$6.67 / month Save 49%
CyberGhost VPN
$2.03 / month Save 84%
Private Internet Access
$2.03 / month Save 83%
$4.39 / month Save 69%
$2.19 / month Save 86%
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