Google Announces New Pixel 9 Device For Surprise Event in August

Google Announces New Pixel 9 Device For Surprise Event in August

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Google shared a teaser on multiple channels this week promoting the new Pixel 9 and an ahead-of-schedule “Made by Google” in-person event in California on August 13th. Traditionally, the company holds this event to announce new devices in October.

In the short 15-second video titled “AI… meet IX at Made by Google,” the tech giant shows only a glimpse in the dark of what the new device will look like with the hip-hop song “Magic”—by Vince Staples & Mustard—in the background.

In the beginning, it displays the text “Google Pixels” followed by the Roman number IX, allusive to the new device, and at the end a date also in Roman numbers: VII • XIII •MMXXIV


According to The Verge, select individuals and organizations received an official invitation: “You’re invited to an in-person Made by Google event where we’ll showcase the best of Google AI, Android software and the Pixel portfolio of devices.”

The event will take place in Google Bay View, in Mountain View, California, at 10:00 am Pacific Time. Google did not provide more information on the release of other devices like the Pixel Watch 3 or new AI features but did promise a “hands-on product experience” after the keynote.

In May, Google Launched new AI models and features including suggestions on where the company is headed in terms of technology and hints of what users can expect in the near future.
Users Are Thrilled

Loyal customers noticed the usual event date changed but it didn’t seem to upset them. “Oh, man. I used to get a new Pixel device on my birthday in October every year. Well…I guess my birthday is coming early this year!!” commented one user on Youtube.

“Very smart of Google [to move] the date. I remember getting the Pixel 8 and about a month later it went on sale way before black Friday. Never again,” added another one.

On Instagram and X multiple accounts praised the product and wrote comments like “I converted from iPhone to Google Pixel and I’m so, so in love!!” and “No doubt… Pixels have always been Magical.”

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