WWDC: New Apple Updates Beyond AI

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WWDC: New Apple Updates Beyond AI

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On June 10th, Apple made major announcements at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). During the conference, the tech giant revealed major AI features as well as other relevant new updates for all users and developers including the new VisionOS 2, the new operating system iOS 18, and new options for current devices and applications.

Experts from Apple explained a few of the most relevant features during the two-hour event. These are the main highlights for the new apps and service enhancements that aren’t related to the main AI updates.

New AR Updates On VisionOS 2

“New apps from the world’s biggest names in entertainment, productivity, and gaming arrive on the App Store every day. There’s already over 2,000 apps created specifically for Apple Vision Pro,” said Mike Rockwell, VP of Vision Products Group at Apple during the presentation of the new features for the operating system VisionOS for the Vision Pro headsets.

Rockwell explained that users will get enhanced augmented reality visuals within the new version of the OS and external platforms like the NBA, now allowing users to watch multiple games and stats simultaneously and myMako designed to visualize surgical simulations.

Haley Allen, Director of VisionOS Program Management, explained that, with the new update, users will be able to transform 2D pictures into 3D experiences—including old images—, use new gestures to access features, and get expansions of Mac and other devices’ display screen to transform a space into a theater-like experience.

New iOS 18 And Mac Sequoia

The new operating system will have more features to customize and personalize experiences. iPhone users will be able to arrange apps and widgets, change colors, modify the control center, and use dark mode.

According to IGN, Apple added “huge security improvements.” The new features include the possibility to lock individual apps—and require face recognition for specific products—and new required permissions for Bluetooth connections.

The new operating system includes a calculator and handwriting features for iPad users and for Mac users, Apple expanded possibilities with Sequoia. Mac’s new OS updates will include a new feature called iPhone Mirroring that will allow users to access iPhones and interact with them from the Mac even if it is in a different room. The new software will arrange the app’s distributions to interact with different sections on screen, and improvements to video calls like previews of the content shared with others.

Other Apps And Device Enhancements

Among the new features for AirPods, Apple introduced a new feature “Voice Isolation”, the most interesting feature according to Tech Radar, and it will allow users to get better voice distinction and reduce noise, a similar feature to noise cancellation but for voice improvements. New gestures will also be included with the new updates, allowing users to interact with Siri by nodding or shaking their heads.

Apple also showcased special improvements for traditional apps like Messages, allowing users to communicate via satellite when there’s no Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

The new watchOS 11 will allow Apple Watch and Fitness app users to get more data from their training, including a new “effort rating” and considering rest days.

All the new features will be soon available for users with the latest technology, especially those getting the newest hardware models later this year.

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