Audi Integrates Current And New Car Models With ChatGPT

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Audi Integrates Current And New Car Models With ChatGPT

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Audi announced on Thursday that it is implementing ChatGPT through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Cerence Chat Pro to improve its vehicle’s voice control on its infotainment system and will add ChatGPT as an extension to its current AI assistant.

According to the information shared in the press release, starting in July this year, owners of Audi models from 2021 to current models with the third generation system (MIB 3) will be able to interact with their vehicles using natural voice and can expect answers and relevant information back.

The company expects that around 2 million customers will soon have access to this new feature, which will include future models like the Q6 e-tron and models with E3 1.2 electronics architecture.

Drivers will be able to speak to an enhanced version of the vehicle’s chatbot and request to control the infotainment, AC, and navigation systems. They can also ask general knowledge questions by saying “Hey, Audi” or pushing the talk button on the steering wheel. Audi’s chatbot assistant can easily recognize common queries like information on the weather forecast or looking up a destination.

Similar to Apple’s ChatGPT integration with Siri, Audi’s system will only request ChatGPT information when it cannot provide general knowledge answers by itself.

“In addition to a range of voice-controlled functions, our customers will now benefit from simple and secure access to AI-based knowledge. This is the next step towards a best-in-class in-cabin experience in Audi vehicles,” said Marcus Keith, Vice President of Interior, Infotainment, and Connectivity Development at Audi.

Microsoft—Cerence’s partner in AI-powered automobile solutions— shared Audi’s announcement on its social media platforms with a quick video teaser of the new feature in the vehicles.

In the near future, Audi expects the AI assistant to be able to provide relevant information about the customer’s vehicle, like the right tire pressure. Audi has also reaffirmed its commitment to—responsibly—implement new AI technologies to improve customers’ experiences in multiple fields like design and quality control as well.

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