10 AI-Created Avatars Compete as Beauty Pageants

10 AI-Created Avatars Compete as Beauty Pageants

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  • Kiara Fabbri

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  • Justyn Newman

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Organized by the World AI Creators Awards (WAICAS), the Miss AI pageant features 10 finalists created by artists around the globe. These artists used advanced AI programs ( like DALL-E, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion) to generate images of women.The winner will be announced on July 8th and will receive a $5,000 cash prize along with public relations support. The contestants are judged on three criteria: aesthetics, technical skill used in creation, and online influence.

For example, Kenza Layli, who has almost 200,000 followers, was noted for “contributing to the empowerment of women in Morocco and the Middle East.” Olivia C from Portugal, is a “traveler” showcasing how technology can “enhance the human experience, not replace it.” Meanwhile, Aiyana Rainbow has been shortlisted for representing a message of inclusivity, showcasing LGBTQIA+ pride.

Despite these claims, a 2024 research paper casts a shadow on these seemingly progressive concepts. The researchers warn that AI models used to generate images can perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards and gender biases. The study found that these models tend to depict women in stereotypical ways, both in terms of appearance and profession.

In response to criticisms on this subject, in an email to TIME WAICAS team emphasized their focus on “celebrating diversity and realism.” They stated, “This isn’t about pushing unrealistic standards, but realistic creators that represent real people. Traditional pageantry took decades to evolve and be more representative—whilst AI can do this in fast forward which is really exciting”.

Whether AI-generated beauty pageants signal the future of the industry remains to be seen. However, the Miss AI pageant undeniably marks a turning point, raising questions about beauty standards and the role of AI in creative fields.

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