Our Top 10 Best VPNs November 2019

  • Secure, private & encrypted internet browsing
  • Access your favorite websites & apps worldwide
  • Super fast speeds perfect for seamless streaming
  • Safely connect to free public WiFi networks
  • Bypass Restrictive Networks & Censorship
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16. VPN99

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The Seychelles based VPN99 took a completely different approach when entering the market by offering its features-loaded service at an extremely competitive price.

From how affordable its price is, we couldn’t believe it and had to dig very deep to try and find any major flaws to justify this but all we found were just a few minor points that could be easily improved. We’ll mention these flaws later on but first let’s take a look at what exactly the users paid for.

Starting with security, VPN99 secures its comprehensive network of servers with an encryption that goes up to 2048 bits. Multiple security protocols are supported, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2. A

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See plans and pricing www.vpn99.net
Price Range: $0.99 - $0.99
Setup Time: 12 minutes
Money Back: 3 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 2 devices
VPN Plans: www.vpn99.net

17. Banana VPN

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Banana VPN is, in its essence, a very simple VPN for users who prioritize content unblocking and censorship bypassing over advanced security.

Popular in various parts of Asia and the Middle East, Banana VPN has been around since 2007. It offers a modest, but formidable server network.

Services that may be restricted for you, such as Facebook or Skype, are easily accessed with Banana VPN. The same goes for geoblocked US/UK streaming platforms — however, Netflix is currently off-limits.

Banana VPN isn’t as well-equipped as some of the top-shelf providers out there. The 128-bit encryption, while passable, isn’t the best you can get, and the UK headquarters of the VPN’s parent co

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See plans and pricing www.banana-vpn.com
Price Range: $8.33 - $14.99
Setup Time: 9 minutes
Money Back: 7 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 3 devices
VPN Plans: www.banana-vpn.com

18. Goose VPN

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Dutch provider GooseVPN has been around since 2016, and in a short time span it has shown that it cares about providing a great service for its loyal user base.

There are a lot of strengths to this VPN — for starters, it supports a variety of protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and IKEv2. 256-bit AES encryption, in addition to an RSA-2048 handshake, offer reliable levels of security.

Your privacy is in “safe hands”, too — that is, there are no connection logs or prolonged data gathering to speak of. The only information GooseVPN does collect during your sessions is deleted as soon as you close the VPN.

Torrenting and P2P enthusiasts also have cause for celebration

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See plans and pricing www.goosevpn.com
Price Range: $2.99 - $12.99
Setup Time: 6 minutes
Money Back: 30 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 0 devices
VPN Plans: www.goosevpn.com

19. ActiVPN

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ActiVPN is widely popular for providing a very efficient VPN service with decent server speeds. With 59 servers spread out across 32 countries, this VPN provider also offers unlimited bandwidth and unrestricted speed to users. Since its launch in 2011, ActiVPN has steadily continued to grow to become one of the most trusted VPNs in the market for speed, security and reliability.

With apps for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, you can benefit from ActiVPN from any device. These apps are pretty easy to install and require no special configurations before use. ActiVPN also has three plans from a monthly plan to a two-year plan which are all reasonably priced.

Drawbacks of using ActiVPN inc

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See plans and pricing www.activpn.com
Price Range: $2.00 - $14.99
Setup Time: 7 minutes
Money Back: 0 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 5 devices
VPN Plans: www.activpn.com

20. Ivacy VPN

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Ivacy is a VPN that makes a solid first impression, but has its fair share of drawbacks in the long run.

This Singaporean VPN veteran has wisely used its over a decade-long experience in the field to deliver a product that covers a lot of ground. You get over 270 servers serving various purposes, from P2P and content unblocking to gaming and high-speed streaming.

Every VPN protocol is supported, which means you can use anything from OpenVPN to PPTP, if you so desire. However, it’s worth noting that the OpenVPN locations are rather limited in comparison to other protocols.

As for your safe and anonymous sessions, you can’t spell “privacy” without Ivacy — in other words, thi

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See plans and pricing www.ivacy.com
Price Range: $1.99 - $9.95
Setup Time: 15 minutes
Money Back: 7 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 5 devices
VPN Plans: www.ivacy.com

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