Our Top 10 Best VPNs March 2019

  • Secure, private & encrypted internet browsing
  • Access your favorite websites & apps worldwide
  • Super fast speeds perfect for seamless streaming
  • Safely connect to free public WiFi networks
  • Bypass Restrictive Networks & Censorship
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131. SuperVPN

SuperVPN is a US-based provider that dazzles us as a market-oriented service. The team behind it knows what users look most in a VPN and they know how to sell it. Variety is what makes SuperVPN stand out among its competitors. There are a lot of price plans offered depending on what you need a VPN for whether for torrenting, Blackberry service, VoIP, streaming, secure browsing, gaming, etc. and access to Super VPN’s servers is widely distributed according to your subscription type.

SuperVPN has very good server network coverage with over 400 servers located across more than 40 countries. While SuperVPN permits torrenting, users can only seed and leech torrents from US and German servers... read more

See plans and pricing www.supervpn.net
Price Range: $15.00 - $30.00
Setup Time: 9 minutes
Money Back: 15 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 3 devices
VPN Plans: www.supervpn.net

132. SwissVPN

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If we could summarize SwissVPN in one sentence, it would be: “a very fast VPN with one problem; it doesn’t unblock geo-restricted websites”. Despite its presence for almost two decades in the VPN scene, Switzerland-based SwissVPN strictly provides VPN solutions for online security and privacy for Swiss users and doesn’t get involved in bypassing geo-blocked content online.
Encryption is far from blitz, but pretty decent. SwissVPN uses 128-bit and 168-bit encryption for a small selection of protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP, and PPTP. A kill switch doesn’t exist, but there’s a firewall option that you can add for a small fee. SwissVPN also offers static Swiss IP addresses for... read more

See plans and pricing www.swissvpn.net
Price Range: $6.14 - $6.14
Setup Time: 14 minutes
Money Back: 1 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 1 devices
VPN Plans: www.SwissVPN.net

133. TheSafety US

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If you value your privacy at the cost of your connection speed, then take a look at TheSafety.US VPN. Coming from Panamá, TheSafety.US was born in 2006 with security and anonymity as its focal points. With a no-logging policy, TheSafety.US takes a different approach with encryption. Instead of relying on sophisticated encryption levels, they rely mainly on OpenVPN (UDP and TCP) and older protocols like PPT, but they add twists like double VPN to maneuver online surveillance systems which reinforces online security but kills speed. For this reason, streaming geo-blocked services won’t be a smooth ride, but again, it’s all up to you. Plus, you get 7-day money-back guarantee if you change ... read more

See plans and pricing www.thesafety.us
Price Range: $20.95 - $33.95
Setup Time: 9 minutes
Money Back: 7 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 4 devices
VPN Plans: www.thesafety.us

134. TorrentPrivacy VPN

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TorrentPrivacy is a UK-based provider that has been operating since 2007. When we knew that TorrentPrivacy is that experienced in the industry, we expected to find a highly advanced, highly reliable, and feature-loaded provider. Sadly this was not entirely true. Usually users put high expectations for old VPNs more than newly introduced ones. Let’s take a deeper dive into TorrentPrivacy and see what it’s all about. First of all, the network of servers is very limited but on the upside its secured with an advanced encryption. In addition, security protocols such as OpenVPN and PPTP are supported, even though PPTP is not considered entirely reliable anymore. One of the best points about To... read more

See plans and pricing www.torrentprivacy.com
Price Range: $5.38 - $9.67
Setup Time: 9 minutes
Money Back: 30 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 1 devices

135. TorVPN

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TorVPN is one of those providers that probably aren’t the most popular in the market but are sure on their way to be. Not only does it provide great features, it tries to be as unique as possible. It was founded in 2010 in the UK. Being based in the UK caused some privacy concerns to the users due to the data retention laws in the country, but TorVPN assures its users that they do not keep any activity logs so even if it is asked to hand over its users information, there won’t be anything to give. This is clearly stated in its privacy policy.

Multiple security protocols are supported by TorVPN such as OpenVPN, PPTP, and SSH tunneling. The encryption provided by the OpenVPN protocol go... read more

See plans and pricing www.torvpn.com
Price Range: $2.17 - $2.48
Setup Time: 9 minutes
Money Back: 0 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 0 devices
VPN Plans: www.torvpn.com

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