Our Top 10 Best VPNs November 2019

  • Secure, private & encrypted internet browsing
  • Access your favorite websites & apps worldwide
  • Super fast speeds perfect for seamless streaming
  • Safely connect to free public WiFi networks
  • Bypass Restrictive Networks & Censorship
Available for: WindowsMacLinuxiOSAndroid

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6. IPVanish VPN

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Don’t buy IPVanish if you plan on travelling to China. They have issues consistently bypassing the Great Firewall of China and you can end up stuck there with no access to your favorite websites.

If you are going to China, we recommend that you use ExpressVPN.

IPVanish was founded in the United States in 1999 (from a privacy standpoint we aren’t thrilled about using a VPN based in the US but they do have a strict no-logs policy) and they currently have 1,000+ servers in more than 60 countries.

IPVanish initially focused on their Windows applications, but have grown to include apps on a variety of platforms: macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Fire TV, and Kodi.

While the company owns

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See plans and pricing www.ipvanish.com
Price Range: $3.70 - $10.00
Setup Time: 11 minutes
Money Back: 7 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 10 devices
VPN Plans: www.IPVanish.com

7. Zenmate VPN

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Don’t buy ZenMate VPN if you’re planning on using it in China. If you need a VPN to bypass the Great Firewall of China we recommend ExpressVPN.

ZenMate is a popular VPN with millions of users, mostly due to the fact that it offers high speeds and unblocks Netflix. If you’re a movie freak and like to stream or torrent movies (yes, ZenMate allows P2P), it’s is a good VPN choice.

With apps for almost all major platforms, ZenMate can be easily installed and used on the go. It allows you to connect up to 5 devices on one license.

With a 69% discount and a 14-day money back guarantee, ZenMate offers a sweet deal that’s hard to turn down. While their service is great for streaming and

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See plans and pricing www.zenmate.com
Price Range: $1.75 - $9.99
Setup Time: 10 minutes
Money Back: 14 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 5 devices
VPN Plans: www.zenmate.com

8. SaferVPN

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SaferVPN presents a great package of features, aimed at a diverse user range — whether security, unblocking, or overall performance is what you’re after, this VPN delivers.
Based in Israel, SaferVPN may be concerning to some as far as privacy, but there’s nothing to worry about. This VPN operates under a stern no-logs policy, and it’s been improving — recently, it stopped storing IP addresses as well, so the only gathered information is of zero threat. Israel also has one of the strongest privacy laws, which are enforced state-wide.

You’ll be further protected thanks to a kill switch, so forget about any accidental exposure. Advanced leak protection isn’t overtly present, b

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See plans and pricing www.safervpn.com
Price Range: $2.29 - $9.99
Setup Time: 5 minutes
Money Back: 30 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 5 devices
VPN Plans: www.SaferVPN.com

9. Private Internet Access

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Don’t get Private Internet Access if you want a VPN located outside the Five Eye Alliance. This company has their headquarters in the US. If you’re looking for a VPN located outside the Five Eyes, check out ExpressVPN, which is located on the British Virgin Islands.

This VPN makes its home in the lion’s den — the United States. Questions about user’s guaranteed privacy are immediately raised, but there is little to no reason for concern. PIA enforces a strict zero-logging policy, and even though it has to comply with US jurisdiction, it has proven itself as a reliable provider. Case in point — the VPN ceased operations in Russia following new legislation that would force it to discl

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See plans and pricing www.privateinternetaccess.com
Price Range: $2.91 - $6.95
Setup Time: 13 minutes
Money Back: 7 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 5 devices

10. Trust.Zone

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If you’re looking for a dependable VPN at a very reasonable price, Trust.Zone is right up your alley.

This VPN isn’t feature-packed, nor does it excel at anything in particular — and we dare say this is its biggest strength. What you have here is a stable, no-frills tool that will encrypt your traffic, keep you anonymous with its zero-logging policy, and give you everything you’d expect from a VPN — unlimited speed, unlimited bandwidth, and the peace of mind that you’re safe on the Internet.

Apart from a kill switch for Windows users, there aren’t many bells and whistles. A well-organized FAQ section will give you plenty of tips on how to protect yourself externally, as well

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See plans and pricing www.trust.zone
Price Range: $2.66 - $6.99
Setup Time: 7 minutes
Money Back: 10 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 3 devices
VPN Plans: www.Trust.Zone

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