Download Winamp Version: 5.8

  • Operating System: Windows, Mac
  • License: Free
  • Developer Name: Winamp
  • Total Downloads: 1,704,855
  • Category: Video Player, Music
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Frequently Asked Questions

😁 Is Winamp dead?
I’m not sure what the future holds for Winamp, but the latest 5.8 version was last updated in 2018. It isn’t dead yet, but it’s unclear whether we can expect any updates or improvements on this once great media player.

😇 Is Winamp safe?
I tested Winamp in VirusTotal and the file came out clean. But you will want to make sure that you download the software from the Winamp website. I didn’t test the browser for security, but since there have been no updates since 2018, I wouldn’t trust it for secure browsing.

🤓 Does Winamp 5.8 work on Windows 10?
Even though it was released before Windows 10, the program has no trouble running with Windows 10.

🤩 Can Winamp 5.8 play FLAC files?
Yes, since the early days of Winamp, it can play FLAC files without any special plugins.

😎 Can you listen to podcasts on Winamp 5.8?
If the podcast has an RSS feed, you can load it to the Winamp player and new podcasts will be available as they are released.

🤓 Does Winamp 5.8 allow multiple playlists?
Of course. You can create playlists for working out, relaxing, partying, and more. There is no limit to the number of playlists.

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