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Written by: Shauli Zacks Last updated on June 28, 2023

The VMware Horizon software gives businesses the flexibility to manage virtual workstations from a central platform. The desktop visualization program allows IT teams and developers to test software applications for bugs on different operating systems, add nodes, and monitor system performances. VMware Horizon comes with several security features to prevent your proprietary business information from falling into the wrong hands.

It also gives designers and engineering teams a remote workstation that can be shared with each team member. This streamlines the creative and development process with excellent collaborative tools. In order to access the VMware Horizon software, all team members will need to download the VMware Horizon Client, to connect with the virtual desktop.

Follow the instructions below, and I’ll show you how to download VMware Horizon Client for free.

How to Download VMware Horizon Client on PC for Free

  1. Click on the Download button on the sidebar, and the official VMware Horizon download page will open in a new tab.
  2. Press the Download Now button, and the EXE file will download to your computer.
  3. When the file download is complete, open it and run the setup wizard.
  4. Agree to the Privacy Agreement and License Terms and press the Agree & Install button.
  5. You will need to restart your computer when the installation is complete for the changes to take effect.

How to Uninstall VMware Horizon From Your PC

If VMware Horizon isn’t the right virtual machine and visualization tool for you, it can be uninstalled by following these simple steps.

  1. Type Add or Remove Programs in the Windows search bar and press the Enter key.
  2. Locate the VMware Horizon software with your installed programs and press the Uninstall button.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the program, and the Windows uninstaller will remove it from your computer.

If you are still looking for virtual workstation software, check out these free alternatives below.

VMware Horizon Overview

If you run a business with a remote staff, then VMware Horizon is an ideal platform for you. It creates a secure virtual platform where the team can work on projects, upload applications, and collaborate with others. It has everything you need to run a virtual office successfully.

One of the biggest benefits of VMware Horizon from a management standpoint is that everything is hosted in a centralized platform. Through this single virtual desktop, the manager can stay on top of the team and make sure that everyone is logging in, completing their tasks, and the project is being worked on properly. If you want to give access to an outside agency or a client, there is an Entitle feature that gives the administrator the authority to grant access privileges to other users.

VMware Horizon Features

With a workforce that is more flexible than ever, VMware Horizon helps bring the office to wherever your employees are. Your IT department can use the cloud to bring the office to your employees through the VMware Horizon platform. After downloading the VMware Horizon client, users can connect from anywhere to access the virtual desktop and run the virtual desktop and applications.

There are multiple security features in place to keep all company data compliant and secure. This includes multi-factor authorization and keeping all virtual desktop and applications on a secure cloud through partners like Microsoft Azure, VMware Cloud on AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud.

The VMware features and benefits can be divided into two categories: IT and Employees or end-users.

Features that benefit IT admins

VMware Horizon will save you time and money from an IT perspective without sacrificing security.

  • Streamlined image management: With centralized images, your company will avoid the costs of distributing the latest images through multiple channels. Instead of uploading the images to multiple locations, your team can manage and track all image changes, new releases, and updates of all images on the centralized platform that all authorized users can instantly access.
  • Application management: Instead of creating and packaging each application separately for all employees, it can be created and deployed one time and shared on the entire Horizon network. This will reduce the image count, cut down on maintenance costs, and make the entire production process easier as the images and apps won’t need to be managed separately.
  • Centralized monitoring: There are multiple benefits to using a single interface for the entire team. One of the biggest benefits is there is just one location for monitoring all the apps, both on the virtual desktop and the cloud. If there are any technical issues, they can be fixed quickly, instead of having to go through everyone’s individual system.
  • Multi-OS support: Not only can end users connect while using Windows and Linux servers but the apps and desktops can be deployed for both operating systems. The team can download the resources and publish apps.
  • Custom settings and smart policy options: Create groups for each project, assign user permission roles, and only grant access for specific users to see certain projects. You can also set rules based on the end user’s device or location.

Features that benefit employees or end-users

  • Access from any device: The VMware Horizon client, which is needed to access the virtual desktop, can be downloaded for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Chromebook, or Android devices. There is also the option to access the desktop through an HTML client or browser. VMware Horizon supports the delivery of virtual desktops and apps on a variety of browsers and platforms.
  • Updated user experience: With recent releases, VMware Horizon has added significant upgrades to the end-user experience. The end-users should have a smooth experience on their preferred devices. Regardless of how they log in, once the end-user is logged into their account, they will only see the tasks and projects that they have security clearance for, and everything they need will be available on the virtual desktop.
  • Collaboration Tools: VMware Horizon is compatible with collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Zooms, Cisco WebEx, and more for real-time chats, video, and audio conferences, commenting, and more. Multiple users can also log in, view, and edit the same virtual workspace at the same time.
  • Single-Sign-On option: The login procedure has been optimized to provide end-users with convenient access to their accounts, as well as all the necessary desktops and applications required to fulfill their tasks, with just a single login. Depending on the project, this can be a huge time saver as they don’t have to sign in to each virtual desktop and app every time they switch between accounts.
  • HD graphics and display options: VMware Horizon employs the Blast Extreme protocol, which gives end-users the ability to view 2D and 3D graphics is crystal clear quality. It’s also responsive, so it can be viewed on mobile devices without losing quality. Horizon can be integrated with NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD for even more high-end graphics and multimedia possibilities.

Free Alternatives to VMware Horizon

  • VirtualBox: VirtualBox is a free open-source virtual desktop that can run Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It’s great for testing new applications in different environments and fixing bugs. VirtualBox supports multi-screen resolutions and allows you to take a snapshot to save your work from a specific timestamp.
  • QEMU: The open-source hypervisor can handle most hardware visualization tasks. QEMU, which is short for Quick Emulator, is compatible with multiple operating systems. It can handle user-level processes, QA for apps and software, and remote work.


Is VMware Horizon free?

The VMware Horizon software is not free. However, once your company purchases it, all employees can follow the instructions above to download the VMware Horizon Client for free. This client is needed to connect from the employee’s computer to the virtual desktop server.  

Is VMware Horizon secure?

VMware Horizon and its client have multiple security features to protect your company’s sensitive information. Each time a user signs on to their account, they must go through multi-factor authorization. Another security feature is storing all data on a secure cloud with powerful encryption. Horizon is compatible with private cloud services as well as services Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, and more.

Is VMware Horizon a VPN?

While VMware Horizon has some of the same characteristics as a VPN, it is a completely different technology. They are similar in that they create a secure connection and allow an end-user to connect with a server in a different location.

However, the difference is that VMware Horizon is a virtual desktop and only gives the end-users access to the desktop. While a VPN creates a secure encrypted tunnel to the entire internet.

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