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Unfortunately, many computers come with an inferior audio driver, and it affects the sound quality whether you’re watching a video, listening to music, or a podcast. Thankfully the solution is easy. Download and install the free Realtek HD Audio Driver; it’s an easy process that takes just a few minutes, and enjoy the HD quality sounds through your computer’s speakers and headphones.

How to Download Realtek HD Audio Driver

  1. Click on the Download button on the sidebar and go to the official Realtek download page.
  2. Download the correct version for your computer by clicking on the download icon.
    Download Realtek
  3. You will have to agree to the terms and enter a valid email address before you can click on the “Download This File” button.
  4. Once the file in installed on your computer, double click the file to open the installer.
  5. An installation wizard will open and walk you through the process. Depending on your current audio drivers, you might have to reboot your computer several times.
    Realtek installation wizard

Once the wizard completes the installation, you won’t have to do anything to activate the driver; it will become the default program for all audio files.

How to Uninstall Realtek HD Audio Driver

If you decide that Realtek HD Audio Driver isn’t the right audio driver for you, it can easily be uninstalled.

  1. Type the words Device Manager in the Windows search bar.
  2. Scroll down to where it says Sound and click on the little arrow to open the menu.
  3. Place your mouse over Realtek Audio and right-click on your mouse.
  4. Click Uninstall. A warning will appear, making sure that you want to proceed. Click continue, and the driver will be uninstalled.

After the uninstallation is complete, you won’t be able to hear any audio on your device until you install a new driver. Check out the free Realtek alternatives below.

Realtek HD Audio Driver Overview

There are a few reasons you would need to download the Realtek HD Audio drivers:

  1. Your computer comes with a generic driver (or doesn’t have any audio driver), and the sound quality is bad.
  2. You have an older version of Realtek, and it’s not compatible with the audio files you are listening to.

Improve Your Audio Experience with the Free Realtek HD Driver

Most people don’t pay attention to the drivers that are on their computers until there is a problem. However, you don’t have to wait for a problem to improve the quality of your computer.

Created by the Realtek software company, the free HD audio driver is a significant upgrade from the default ones that come with a standard Windows computer. When you install the driver, it will replace the current audio driver and take over the task of interpreting and understanding the audio signals the computer receives. It will then convert it to a type of data that can be listened to through your speakers or headphones. (Don’t worry, all of this happens in the background, you don’t need any technical knowledge to install and run Realtek.)

Always Make Sure to Upgrade Your Drivers

An audio driver, like any other driver on your computer, is really a collection of files that allow the operating system to communicate with the hardware devices. In this case, the audio files need to communicate with your Windows computer and use Realtek to facilitate communication. This makes them a crucial part of what makes your computer perform at a high level. Updating the latest version is crucial because if you’re using an outdated version, something can get lost during the communication process, and the audio will not work correctly.

Easy to use Audio Console

When you install the Realtek HD Audio Driver, an Audio Console will also be installed on your computer. The Audio Manager can become your control panel for all your audio adapters. It will instantly recognize any new devices that are plugged in, like speakers, headphones, and microphones to your PC.

It has a detailed settings menu that lets you set up your speakers and headphones. There is also the option to configure the audio levels for your microphone. Some of the other features included with the Audio Manager are an equalizer and visual map of where the audio jacks inputs are on your computer.
Realtek Audio Console

Free Alternatives to Realtek HD Audio Driver

While Realtek HD Audio Driver may be the best free audio driver, if for some reason it isn’t working with your computer, you can check out these two alternatives.

  • ASIO4ALL: An free audio driver that works with a wide range of audio devices. The only drawback is that the devices must support WDM (Windows Driver Model).
  • AC’97 Audio Codec: This 6 channel audio codec for Windows works with both stereo and mono inputs.


Is Realtek HD Audio Driver free?

Yes. There are no hidden fees or advanced settings that are only available for members. The download and installation are 100% free.

Is Realtek HD Audio Driver secure?

Realtek is a well known and respected hardware company. There is no known malware, viruses, adware, etc. connected with the drivers in any way.

Do I need to download a Realtek Driver?

Having a Realtek, or any audio driver isn’t a necessity for a computer to work. However, if you want to hear any music, videos, podcasts, or any other type of audio from your computer, you will need to have updated drivers. Realtek has developed the best HD drivers, and they’re free to download and install.

What are computer drivers?

Drivers are necessary software for your computer to work properly. It takes the data and formats it in a way that the computer can understand and transform from random bits of code to something you can hear and see.

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