In the crowded video player market, GOM Player has a few features that make it stand out:

  • Supports most video formats
  • Codec search tool
  • Subtitle finder
  • Plays 360-degree VR videos

Download GOM Player today and experience it first-hand.

How to Download GOM Player for Windows for Free

  1. Click on the DOWNLOAD button on the sidebar to jump directly to the GOM Player download page.
  2. Click the Windows logo and a window will open with the DOWNLOAD button.
    Download GOM Player
  3. The file will download to your computer.
  4. Double click on the file to run the installer.
  5. Select your language.
  6. Click NEXT and then you will have to agree to the License Agreement.
  7. Next, choose what components you want to install, and then click NEXT.
  8. You can decide where you want to install the player or just use the default folder. Once you chose your location, click NEXT.
  9. GOM Player includes potentially unwanted programs in the installer. If you don’t want to download them, click DECLINE.
  10. GOM Player will download.

How to Uninstall GOM Player

  1. Type Add or Remove Program in the Windows search bar.
  2. Scroll down to GOM Player and click UNINSTALL.
    Uninstall GOM Player
  3. The uninstaller window will open, click UNINSTALL again and the program will be removed from your computer.

GOM Player Review

A solid video player with some excellent features, GOM Player works with just about any video format. If you have a video that isn’t supported, GOM Player will run a search to help you find the correct Codec to download so the video will work.

There are several tools integrated into the video player and they can really enhance your viewing experience.

  • Transparency: This is a great tool if you want to have a video playing on your screen, but don’t need to focus on it.
  • Keep GOM Player on top: If you’ve ever tried watching a video while browsing the web, you’ll understand why having the option to pin the video player over the browser is such a great feature.
  • GOM Remote: Download a remote control to your phone, and control playback.
  • 360 Video: Ideal for VR videos. It includes a search feature that will find 360 videos on YouTube.
  • Control Panel: You can find advanced control tools here. This includes adjusting contrast and brightness, audio levels, subtitle fonts, and more.
  • Subtitle Finder: I conduct a search on the internal GOM Player website to locate subtitles for the TV show or film you’re currently viewing. Additionally, there’s a language filter in place, which simplifies the process of discovering the most suitable subtitles for your needs.
  • Save current frame: Takes a screenshot of the current frame.
  • GOMLab: See what other tools are available from GOM Labs. You can also search for YouTube videos that will play in the Player — instead of having to go and watch them on YouTube.

GOM Player

Is GOM Player Plus Worth It?

Every time you turn on the GOM Player you’ll see an ad for the GOM Player Plus, don’t worry — it goes away once you start watching a video. I checked the subscription price and saw that it’s a one-time fee for a lifetime membership, but when I looked at what benefits membership includes, I was not impressed.

Ad for GOM Player Plus

A constant reminder to upgrade to GOM Player Plus
  • Increased playback controls: You can rewind or fast-forward videos frame-by-frame.
  • Plays videos in 4K: Includes a better processor, that will play 4K videos without buffering.
  • Exclusive Skins: The free version comes with three skins; black, white, and touch-friendly. You will need to upgrade your subscription for more skin options.
  • Ad-free: Get rid of all the ads.
  • Better customer support: Membership has its benefits, like skipping to the front of the customer support line.

Free Alternatives to GOM Player

  • VLC: The open-source video player works with just about every video format. While the playback controls aren’t as good as GOM Player — it does have an internal subtitle search, the volume can be raised to 200%, and there are no ads.
  • Windows Media Player: This built-in video player comes with all Windows-based computers. It’s 100% free and can play most major video formats.


Is GOM Player safe?

While there was a malware scare in early 2019, GOM Player has patched that weakness and now the file is 100% safe. They do include Potentially Unwanted Applications in the installation, but as long as you pay attention during the installation process, you can just click on the DECLINE option to refuse the extra programs.
How do I find subtitles for GOM Player?

There is a tool button on the bottom bar of the player that says “SUB.” When you click this button you will be redirected to the GOM Player subtitle search, and it will run a search based on the file name. You can modify the search if the file name isn’t clear enough.
What video formats work with GOM Player?

There aren’t many formats that it can’t play and with the codec search, you can easily add additional formats. The top formats are: AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, and MOV.
How can I control a 360 video?

If you’re wearing a VR headset, you can just look around to get the full effect of the video. If you’re using a regular desktop, move the video around with your mouse to see all the different areas. You’ll also notice 4 boxes on the right side of your video, these show you what is going on in different areas of the video.
What is the GOM Remote?

This is a great tool if you watch a lot of shows on your computer or mirror shows on a TV monitor. It’s an app that you can download on your Android or iPhone and works as a remote control, so you can fast forward or rewind your video without having to get up.
Download GOM Player now!