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Friday Night Funkin
4.9. 0
Windows, Mac, Linux
Ninjamuffin99, Phantom Arcade, Evilsk8r, Kawai Sprite
Single-player Rhythm Game
Written by: Elijah Ugoh

The gameplay of Friday Night Funkin’ revolves around a few main characters – The boyfriend, the girlfriend and her father.

The only way to the heart of your girlfriend’s father is through music. To get to her, you must mimic the opponent’s notes with timed inputs while avoiding running out of health for the duration of the song.

Currently, the game is free and you can easily download it to your PC.
Follow the instructions below and I’ll show you how to download Friday Night Funkin’ for free.

How to Download and Install Friday Night Funkin’ on Your PC for Free

  1. Click on the Download button on the sidebar to go directly to the official Friday Night Funkin’ download site.
  2. Click Download Now to start.
    Friday Night Funkin download button screenshot
  3. When the download button pops up, you can choose to make a donation to support the game developers or simply follow the direction below to access the setup files.
    Friday Night Funkin download support screenshot
  4. Choose the appropriate version for your operating system by clicking on “Download” and wait for the download to finish.
    Friday Night Funkin download options screenshot
  5. Now, go to your download folder and unzip the game file. Click on the .exe file to extract the setup files into a new folder.
    Friday Night Funkin compressed file screenshot
  6. Once the extraction is over, click on the “Funckin.exe’ file to launch the game. You can also delete the zip folder you downloaded.
    Friday Night Funkin file exe screenshot
  7. It might take a little while to load. Once the game is done loading, hit enter to start playing.
    Friday Night Funkin get started screenshot

How to Uninstall Friday Night Funkin’

Note that the app is not installed on your PC like every other application, so it is not listed on installed apps.

Go to your download folder and delete the folder you extracted in step (5) above during setup. This will remove the program files from your PC.

Friday Night Funkin directory file screenshot

If you prefer to play a different dance or rhythm game, you can check the free alternatives below.

Friday Night Funkin’ Overview

Friday Night Funkin’ is basically a single-player dance game where you play the main character of a Boyfriend who needs to get past a mean dad to kiss his lover, the Girlfriend. The only way to win him over and save your life, is by music, so you have to compete in freestyle music battles. To succeed, you must press the arrow keys in time to outshine your opponents while you enjoy the cool instrumentals. Once you earn enough points, you win the game!

Friday Night Funkin user interface screenshot

Upon registration, you have the opportunity to begin with the tutorial phase and advance through the narrative. Alternatively, you can engage in free play mode, competing against various in-game computer characters. Adjusting the level of difficulty to your preference is encouraged. Keep in mind that FNF is an open-source game with an active community and plenty of fan-made modifications that expand the gameplay.

Recently, the developers introduced Week 7: Ugh Guns Stress, another level of difficulty to the game. Levels are counted as weeks. FNF has a desktop version that is available for download on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It can also be played on a web browser.

Features of Friday Night Funkin’

  • Original soundtrack, featuring nu-jazz to Vocaloid dance beats
  • Play at various difficulty levels that suit you the most
  • Progressive story mode with three levels of difficulty
  • Seven levels, each with a short run-time per level
  • Each week, players can choose either easy, normal, or hard difficulty
  • It contains two modes of play: story campaign and free play modes
  • It comes with cool 90’s B-Boy visuals

Free Alternatives to Friday Night Funkin’

StepMania: StepMania is a rhythm game designed for Windows, Mac, and Linux, though developed initially as a clone of Konami’s arcade game series, Dance Dance Revolution. It features 3D graphics, a keyboard with dance pad support, and an editor that enables you to create your own steps.

Dance Revolution: This is a music video game series developed by Konami, and has been on the market since 1988. Here, you will stand on a dance platform or stage, then hit the colored arrows laid out in a cross with your feet to musical and visual cues. Players are judged and allowed to choose more music to play based on their dance performance. It is also free and open-source.

osu!: osu! is a free, rhythm game developed initially based on the gameplay of various popular commercial rhythm games. Osu! ensures authentic gameplay and scoring, while also aiming to increase the epic factor through online rankings, multiplayer, replay exchange, and a vast community of followers.


Is Friday Night Funkin’ free?

Yes, it is absolutely free and open-source. See the guide above for how to download Friday Night Funkin’ free version.

Is Friday Night Funkin’ secure?

Yes, it is secure. You want to avoid downloading from just any online source, though, as you may end up exposing your system to viruses and spyware. You can safely download Friday Night Funkin’ from the official site.

Who is ‘Boyfriend’ in Friday Night Funkin’?

Boyfriend is the main protagonist or central character of the game, who must compete in the freestyle music and dance game to impress the father of his girlfriend so that he can get to her.
Download Friday Night Funkin now!
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