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Get ready to create music to your specification with the FL Studio digital audio workstation (DAW). Used by hobbyists and professionals alike, FL Studio makes it easy to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix, and master music, giving it a professional sound. The interface has a colorful graphic-based design, making it easy to arrange all the different sound elements with up to 500 tracks.

FL Studio offers a free trial that never expires. Follow the steps below to download the latest version now.

How to Download and Install FL Studio for Free

  1. Click on the Download button on the sidebar, and a new tab will open directly to the official FL Studio download page.
  2. Click on the download button that is appropriate for your operating system.
    Download FL Studio trial
  3. Once the download is complete, click on the file to open the installation wizard.
  4. You will have to click Next several times to move through the installation process.
  5. Before FL Studio can finish installing, you will need to permit the installation of a program called ASIO4ALL, which improves latency. Once you click Next, it will install it, and the FL Studio installation will be finished.

Install asio4all

How to Uninstall FL Studio

If FL Studio doesn’t have the features you need, or perhaps it’s just not what you were looking for, check out the free FL Studio alternatives below. You can easily remove FL Studio from your computer in three simple steps.

  1. Type Add or Remove Programs in the Windows search bar.
    Add or Remove Program
  2. Scroll through the list of installed programs until you find FL Studio and click uninstall.
    Uninstall FL Studio
  3. The Setup Wizard will open, and you’ll have to click Next a few times before deleting the software from your computer.

Note: If you downloaded other programs, such as ASIO4ALL, when you installed FL Studio, it will have to be uninstalled separately. Just follow the same steps, but this time click on ASIO4ALL and choose to uninstall it.

FL Studio Overview

FL Studio (known initially as Fruity Loops) is an excellent music editing platform for Windows and Macs. It has successfully made the transition from a basic MIDI sequencer to an all-in-one digital music studio application.

Professional Quality Mixing Board

If you’ve never used a mixing board, you might initially be overwhelmed by all the features and tracks available on the FL Studio board. However, once you get familiar with it, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to use. The board is touch-friendly, which is great if you’re using a computer that has a touchscreen, which allows you to mix and fade multiple tracks at once, just like you can with a real board.

The beauty of the FL Studio mixing board is the logical flow. All of the instruments, audio clips, and preset sounds are located on the left side of the board. Next to that is the Channel Rack. Here you can add in any sound generator you want to mix in, such as Drums, piano, bass, and more. Moving towards the center of the board, you’ll find the playlist. This is where you can take all the different elements and arrange them to create the perfect music mix. With 500 tracks, you’ll have plenty of flexibility to add plenty of other instruments, beats, and vocals to each song.

The browser window on the left is your resource for any file you will need, from presets to projects and scores. Clicking on an item will open up a drop-down selection of specific elements.

FL Studio Sound Board

There is a sound library that you can add your own samples and loops, and includes some excellent plug-ins like DirectWave, EQUO, and Fruity Squeeze. There is a search feature in the library to help you quickly find what you need.

Plenty of Instruments and Preset Sounds

FL Studio comes with the most common instruments, piano, bass, chords, and more. You can play each of the instruments and add your own sound to the playlist or use preset sounds and make adjustments to them. Each instrument has a full set of mixing tools so you can get the perfect sound you’re looking for.

Using the piano instrument with FL Studio

If you can’t find what you want, there are some excellent plug-ins that you can download. There are hundreds of plug-ins, but here are three that are particularly helpful:

  1. FPC uses drag-and-drop functionality to place the samples on exactly where you want them.
  2. Effector makes adding effects to your music easier, with grid divisions. This gives you more control over how the rhythm is divided and includes a filter to allow you to control the sound matrix.
  3. Soundgoodizer takes any of the four frequency ranges, from the bass through treble, and allows you to improve the sound by changing the dial as much you need.

You can also create your own preset generators, sounds, and setting to help speed up your creative process. By adding presets to the menus in your FL Studio browser, you can have it open up to the sound category that you’re using the most, instead of having to waste time looking for it.

Free Alternatives to FL Studio

  • VirtualDJ: Whether you’re mixing music for fun or preparing a DJ set for thousands of club goers, VirtualDJ 2020 can do it all. Upload your music to the mixer and create the perfect set. It records both audio and video, can run a live broadcast through your PC, and connect to a projector if you want to show your mixes on a big screen.
  • Cubase: A digital audio workstation, Cubase has a variety of intuitive tools that will help you compose your music quickly. The software includes instruments, sounds, and effects that can easily be added to your tracks.


Is FL Studio free?

FL Studio has an unlimited free trial. Follow the steps above to download the software for free, and you can use it for as long as you’d like without having to pay any money. However, if you want all the premium features, you will need to purchase a license to unlock them

What features are included in the free trial?

The FL Studio unlimited free trial comes with a fully functional mixing board, the ability to save projects, and you export them as WAV, MP3, FLAC, MIDI, and Video files.

What is the advantage of purchasing a license?

The membership benefits are mostly surrounding the software and not related to the functionality of FL Studio. This means you’ll have access to older versions, enjoy free upgrades, technical support through forums, and diagnostic tools. Lastly, according to FL Studio, you get “The satisfaction of supporting the DAW that supports you.”

Can I record music with FL Studio?

While the strength of FL Studio is mixing, it is possible to record your own music. If you have a MIDI keyboard, press the Record button, and then on the dialog box that opens, select “Everything” when it asks what you want to record.

After the recording is complete, hit CTRL-Q to quantize the beats that you just recorded. You can then add your recorded sounds to the playlist and drag them to the proper place.

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