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Written by: Shauli Zacks Last updated on April 07, 2022

The BitTorrent protocol has led to the development of many peer-to-peer file-sharing platforms. Ares Galaxy (formerly Ares) has combined sharing torrent files with social media to create an excellent all-in-one platform.

Ares Galaxy is a free program, although some sites repackage the software and charge for each download. Follow the steps below and download the official free and safe version of Ares Galaxy.

How to Download Ares Galaxy for Free

  1. Click the Download button on the sidebar and get the latest version of Ares Galaxy.
  2. You will be redirected to Sourceforge – Click on the Download button.
    Download Ares
  3. After the download is complete, double click on the file to open the installer.
  4. A pop-up window will open and issue a warning against downloading copyrighted materials. Click OK to continue.
  5. Follow the instruction in the installer, and Ares will quickly be installed on your computer.

How to Uninstall Ares Galaxy

If you’re not happy with Ares Galaxy, you can easily uninstall it in just a few steps. Check out the Ares Galaxy alternatives below.

  1. Type Add or Remove Programs in the Windows search bar.
    Add or Remove Program
  2. Scroll down the list of programs until you see Ares.
    Uninstall Ares
  3. Click the Uninstall button, and the program will be completely removed from your computer.

Ares Galaxy Overview

Ares Galaxy is a peer-to-peer (P2P) software that runs on the popular BitTorrent protocol. It’s an easy-to-use program that has a single-click option to upload, share, and download any .torrent file such as music, videos, photos, games, and software.

It can pull the files from multiple sources at the same time, assuming multiple people are sharing, which allows for large files to be downloaded quickly.

One of the big advantages that come with Ares Galaxy is you can start watching or listening to files before the download is finished. This is great because nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a torrent to finish downloading, only to discover that the file doesn’t match the description, it’s dubbed in a foreign language, or the quality is less than you were expecting.

How to Download Files on Ares Galaxy

After the quick download and installation process, you can get started downloading torrents right away.

Ares Galaxy has an internal file search engine, which you can access by clicking on the Search tab. You can enter the file name to begin the search. If it’s a popular title, or perhaps there are multiple types of media, such as books, movies, and TV shows with the same name, you can filter the results based on the content type to make it easier to find what you want. If the file you want is available for download, just double click the filename, and the download will begin.

Ares Galaxy Features

  • Easy to use: The Ares Galaxy was built with non-technical users in mind, Everything is very simple, and the options are clearly labeled.
  • High-speed downloads: Ares is always looking for additional sources while downloading a file. The more users it connects with translates into faster download speeds.
  • Built-in media player: This makes it easy to preview files while they are still downloading. The media player also works with Shoutcast internet radio.
  • Automatically organizes your media library:  Ares Galaxy organizes your files by category, file type, media, and alphabetical order. There is also a search feature that helps you quickly find the file you want.
  • Bypasses firewalls: The software was designed to work in the background, undetected by firewalls. There is no need to configure any settings for this — it’s done automatically.

Join the Ares Galaxy Social Network

You can join the Ares Galaxy community for free and get valuable resources through its social network. You start or join chats with users around the world, which can help you discover new music, movies, shows, books, and more. If you prefer the old-school IRC chats, you can find numerous chat channels to choose from in the IRC network.

Warning: While Ares Galaxy is a safe and legal site, it isn’t responsible for what is shared on its network. Use caution before accepting links from strangers and never reveal any personal information.

Free Alternatives to Ares Galaxy

  • uTorrent: One of the most popular BitTorrent clients, uTorrent is one of the most popular free P2P programs for torrenting. It’s user friendly, fast, and doesn’t take up a lot of your computer’s resources.
  • eMule: One of the original P2P programs, eMule doesn’t work with torrents. Instead, you can search for files through its vast network of servers. It uses an Upload Credit system to reward users that are contributing to the community instead of just downloading and leaving.


Is Ares Galaxy free?

You can download and use Ares Galaxy for free. However, there is a membership tier that you can choose to pay for.

Is Ares Galaxy legal?

The Ares Galaxy is like an empty vessel and, therefore, completely legal to use. However, since it can be used to download pirated software and media – check your local laws.

Is Ares Galaxy safe?

There are no known viruses or malware connected to the Areas Galaxy software. However, the files that you download might contain malicious files that can harm your computer. It’s highly recommended to have a reliable antivirus program that will prevent harmful files from attacking your computer.

Do I need a VPN when downloading files on Ares Galaxy?

You should definitely use a VPN while downloading torrents. The VPN will hide your real IP address, making you invisible to your ISP and government officials. If you don’t have a VPN yet, check out this list of the best and most secure VPNs.

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