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How to Watch TNT Outside Russia in 2022

Ashleigh Naidoo
Last Updated by Ashleigh Naidoo on August 01, 2022

I hate missing new episodes of Olga(ОЛЬГА) or not having access to the dark wit of Russian comics on Comedy Club when I’m outside Russia. Since I travel a lot for work, I’ve tried many times to watch TNT, and the only way to do that is by using a good VPN.

A VPN lets you mask your location while traveling and bypass geographical restrictions so you can keep up with your favorite Russian programming no matter where you are. After testing more than a dozen VPNs, I only found 3 that consistently unblocked TNT and maintained lag-free streams.

Of all of the VPNs, CyberGhost provided the best speeds and most reliable connections for watching TNT without interruption. I had no issues bypassing geoblocks and enjoyed high-quality streams at all times of the day. My favorite thing about the provider is that new users can try it for free since its service is backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Watch TNT outside Russia now

Quick Guide: 3 Steps to Watch TNT From Anywhere

  1. Get a VPN. CyberGhost has the best speeds for watching TNT from anywhere. You can try it totally free since all subscriptions are backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Connect to a server in Russia. 
  3. Start watching TNT! Just go to tnt-online.ru and start streaming.

Why You Need a VPN to Watch TNT Outside Russia

Unlike Netflix and Prime Video, TNT programming is only available in Russia. Due to broadcast and licensing agreements Russian broadcasters restrict access to their channels to residents of Russia only. Thankfully, a VPN allows you to get around these restrictions (geoblocks) and watch TNT even when you’re traveling outside the country.

Using a VPN, you can connect to a server in a country of your choice to spoof your location and bypass a broadcaster’s geographical restrictions. For example, you can connect to a server in Russia, route all your internet traffic through that server, and gain access to a Russian IP address. To TNT and other networks, it appears as if you are within Russia, even when you’re not, and you can access your favorite TNT programming from anywhere in the world.

Try CyberGhost risk-free

The Best VPNs to Watch TNT in August 2022

1. CyberGhost — Blazing Fast Speeds to Watch TNT Completely Lag-Free

Key Features:

  • Super-fast speeds for buffer-free streaming
  • 48 servers in Russia that can access TNT easily from abroad
  • Connect up to 7 devices at the same time
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

CyberGhost has the best speeds to watch TNT from anywhere. While connected to a server in Russia, my speeds never dropped below 34Mbps, regardless of the time of day. Since the VPN has 48 servers in Russia, I didn’t have to deal with any slowdowns in my stream. I watched hours of Olga and Once in Russia(ОДНАЖДЫ В РОССИИ) during peak evening hours, and the stream quality stayed consistent.

Screenshot of CyberGhost Unblocking TNT on Mac Desktop
CyberGhost’s high speed servers delivered the best speeds for TNT

Since ads, trackers and malware can have a significant impact on your streaming speeds, I love that CyberGhost comes with an integrated ad blocker. Not only does it keep my device and passwords safe from malware and hackers, but the boost to my speeds means no interruption on live broadcasts.

CyberGhost is compatible with all major operating systems as well as gaming consoles, smart TVs, and routers. After launching, the app lets you connect instantly to the fastest available server based on your location without scrolling through a long list of servers. The apps are constantly updated and, as a result, provide an excellent user experience.

Even though CyberGhost has streaming-optimized servers, unfortunately, it doesn’t have any specifically optimized for TNT. However, even on non-optimized servers, my speed stayed fast enough to ensure uninterrupted HD streaming.

The absolutely best part is that CyberGhost offers a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. So if you’re not ready to commit just yet, you can test CyberGhost with TNT for an extended period before making your decision. If you’re not sold on its performance, you can easily request a refund at any time of the day or night. To test the guarantee, I reached out to an agent via the 24/7 live chat and had my money back in 5 days.

CyberGhost works with: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, routers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Smart TVs.

CyberGhost also unblocks: TNT, LAOLA1, MatchTV, Yandex, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, YouTube TV, ESPN, and more.

Watch TNT with CyberGhost

August 2022 Update! You can subscribe to CyberGhost for as low as $2.29 per month + get extra 3 months free with the 3-year plan (save up to 83%)! This is a limited offer so grab it now before it's gone. See more information on this offer here.

2. HMA — More Than 130 Russian IP Addresses to Bypass Geoblocks and Watch TNT Without Hassle

Key Features:

  • Fast speeds and reliable connections for streaming TNT at any time of the day
  • Offers numerous IP addresses to watch TNT from anywhere
  • 5 simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

HMA (previously known as Hide My Ass) is an excellent choice for reliably accessing TNT. With servers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, HMA offers over 130 Russian IP addresses, which makes watching TNT and any other Russian broadcasts painless. For instance, if you’re connected to a server in Moscow and struggle to bypass Russian geoblocks, you don’t have to change the server manually. You can simply use the IP Shuffle feature to quickly try a new IP address from your chosen location.

Screenshot of HMA App on Mac Desktop
IP Shuffle lets you try different Russian IP addresses without interrupting your connection

Although it has a small server network, HMA’s servers are consistently fast. All of their servers support 20Gbps connection speeds, and during my tests, both distant and nearby servers performed well – my speeds never dropped below 22Mbps.

One of HMA’s best features is split tunneling, which lets you send some internet traffic through your selected HMA server while routing other traffic through your regular connection with your local IP address. Using split tunneling, you should be able to stream Comedy Club in one window and order food for delivery in another without disconnecting from the VPN. It can be a very useful feature, so I was disappointed to find that it is only available on the Android app.

If you would like to test the service before deciding, you can take advantage of HMA’s 30-day money-back guarantee and use it on up to 5 devices. And, if you’re not thrilled with its performance, you can claim a refund through the website.

HMA works with: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, routers, Chrome, Firefox, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Smart TVs.

HMA also unblocks: LAOLA1, MatchTV, Yandex, Netflix, Disney+, Eurosport, YouTube TV, and more.

Watch TNT with HMA

August 2022 Update! HMA has dropped prices for a limited time to a crazy $2.99 per month with the 3-year plan (you can save up to 75%)! This is a limited offer so be sure to grab it now before it’s gone. See more information on this offer here.

3. PrivateVPN — Best Budget-Friendly VPN for Watching TNT From Anywhere

Key Features:

  • Reliable servers that help you access TNT from outside Russia
  • 63 simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

If you’re looking for a no-frills, low-cost VPN to watch TNT, PrivateVPN is one of the best options for accessing Russian content. At the unbeatable price of just $2.00, I was surprised that PrivateVPN’s service kept pace with the other VPNs on this list.

Despite having a small server network, PrivateVPN has servers in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Krasnoyarsk. I had the best streaming quality and no lag on the Moscow and Krasnoyarsk servers. While connected to the St. Petersburg server, loading times were a little longer during peak evening hours. I had no interruptions in my stream even when watching back-to-back episodes of Sashatanya (САШАТАНЯ).

Since I was only using the VPN to stream, I liked that the PrivateVPN apps were simple to set up and use. The app’s “Simple View” let me quickly connect to a server in my desired location and start streaming without navigating advanced settings that I didn’t need.

Screenshot of PrivateVPN App on Mac Desktop
PrivateVPN’s apps are intuitive and user-friendly

Before committing, you can test PrivateVPN’s performance with TNT for yourself by taking advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations and you’ve used less than 100GB, you can claim a refund before the end of the 30 days.

PrivateVPN works with: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, routers, Chrome, Firefox, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Smart TVs.

PrivateVPN also unblocks: LAOLA1, MatchTV, Yandex, Netflix, Disney+, Eurosport, YouTube TV, and more.

Watch TNT with PrivateVPN

FAQs on Watching TNT With a VPN

Is it easy to watch TNT outside Russia?

Yes. You can easily watch TNT from wherever you are in the world if you have an internet connection and a good VPN with reliable servers in Russia. Once you’ve successfully connected to a server in Russia, you can start streaming TNT.

Do I have to pay to watch TNT outside Russia?

Yes and no. Live broadcasts on TNT are completely free, but if you want to watch on-demand shows like Adaptatsiya, you will need an active subscription to Premier One.

Additionally, if you are outside Russia, you will need a VPN subscription to access both TNT live broadcasts and on-demand series. Lucky for you, all the VPNs in this carefully compiled list have a money-back guarantee, so you can try them out for free.

What else can a VPN do besides helping me access TNT?

A good VPN will not only help you watch TNT from anywhere in the world but also provide you with an extra layer of anonymity and security by:

  • Bypassing government censorship and firewalls for a truly unrestricted internet,
  • Bypassing geo-blocks around the world to gain access to streaming services you’re subscribed to while traveling,
  • Stopping your ISP from throttling your speeds to browse, stream and torrent without restriction,
  • Protecting your identity and information from hackers and governments, especially on public networks.

Through my testing, I found that CyberGhost is the best overall VPN, providing excellent security, consistent high-speed connections, and impressive unblocking capabilities. CyberGhost also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, so you can test its performance yourself before committing.

Try CyberGhost risk-free

Start Watching TNT Today!

A good VPN for TNT should be easy to navigate, consistently bypass Russian geoblocks, and have fast servers for high-quality streams at all times. This can be a tall order, but after hours of testing, I found 3 VPNs that guarantee you access to TNT and deliver good quality streams every time.

Of all 3, my top recommendation for watching TNT is CyberGhost. At all hours of the day, its high-speed servers delivered HD quality streams for hours at a time, and it consistently unblocked TNT and other streaming services. Best of all, CyberGhost offers a 45-day money-back guarantee so you can try it completely free. If the service doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a refund via the 24/7 live chat.

Summary: These Are the Best VPNs to Watch TNT in 2022

Top Choice
CyberGhost VPN
$2.29 / month Save 82%
$2.99 / month Save 75%
$2.00 / month Save 80%
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