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Flixtor, PopcornTime or Putlocker: Which is the best for Streaming TV & Movies?

Benjamin Walsh
Last Updated by Benjamin Walsh on June 20, 2022

Free streaming sites often carry a bad reputation for piracy or being rife with adware and malware; however, there are some excellent legal, free streaming sites available. Some are safe, some aren’t, some work, some don’t; the key is information.

Stay Anonymous While Watching Flixtor

Currently, Flixtor, PopcornTime, and Putlocker are the three best services and are reliable, safe, and fast. However, make sure you avoid any copyrighted material on these sites as my team and I don’t condone participation in any illegal activities. Please check the rules and regulations in your country to ensure you aren’t in breach of any laws.

We compare Flixtor, PopcornTime, and Putlocker, covering some of the most important factors, so you can make a more informed decision on what service best suits your needs.

1 Flixtor

Loading Time

Like with any free streaming service, load times are not as fast as a paid streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. Flixtor’s load time is relatively consistent, although it does take a few minutes to buffer, although, this will depend on your connection speed.

Free or Paid

Though Flixtor is free to use, you are required to sign up to the service. Once you do this, you can access their full library of content.


There are no ads on Flixtor once you’ve signed up to their service.

Download or Streaming

You can both download and stream content once you have completed the sign-up process.

2 PopcornTime

Loading Time

PopcornTime’s buffering is quicker than Flixtor, and although streaming isn’t instant, they do load after just 20 to 30 seconds, with minimum buffering during playback.

Free or Paid

Popcorn Time is completely free to use without the need to sign up.

Additionally, there is no option to pay for an upgraded service meaning there is no restricted content.


With no sign up needed and no ads, PopcornTime is an excellent free streaming site.

Download or Streaming

Popcorn Time only supports streaming.

3 Putlocker

Loading Time

Taking around 30 seconds to load, Putlocker’s load times match those of Popcorn Time. With both TV shows and movies, we experienced no buffering while maintaining high video quality.

Free or Paid

Putlocker is 100% free.


When you select your desired movie or show, a pop-up ad will appear in a new tab, but that can easily be closed down.

Download or Streaming

Putlocker only supports streaming.

Use a VPN

No matter which service you decide to use, it is recommended you use a VPN when you stream.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Regardless of whether they claim to be secure or not, malicious third-parties are intending to exploit online services to obtain valuable information and spread malware and spyware on devices.

A VPN encrypts all data and ensures users are protected when streaming, as well as maintaining anonymity.

We recommend one of the following VPNs:

Top Choice
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CyberGhost VPN
$2.29 / month Save 82%
Private Internet Access
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