4 Steps to Unblock Amazon Prime Video from Turkey (Updated 2021)

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Amazon Prime started life as a convenient online rental service, and the company added video streaming of select movies and TV programs in 2012.

Amazon Prime video stream vpn Turkey
Today, the service offers an online film and television catalog extensive enough to compete with services like Netflix.

As of late 2016, Amazon does offer their streaming services in countries around the globe, including Turkey. However, their content catalog might not be as extensive as the one they provide in the US.

Unblocking the Geo-block

Geo-blocking is not just limited to streaming services as some countries use it to restrict and censor content. Thankfully, there are ways to get around these regional obstacles.

If you want to bypass the geolocation restriction on Amazon Prime, you need a VPN service, because this allows you to obfuscate your real IP address by connecting to a proxy server instead.

If you’re in Turkey and connect to an American proxy, the Amazon servers can’t differentiate this from your actual location and allow you to access the US Amazon Video catalog.

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For this step-by-step procedure to bypass geo-blocking, we do not recommend using a free service as they tend to limit your bandwidth and are not as secure as paid service providers. While most VPN services do not offer an extended free trial, almost all offer some form of money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

We recommend using NordVPN or ExpressVPN for streaming Amazon Prime Video outside the US.

These services both offer unlimited bandwidth to keep up with the large video file transfers, and an expansive server network.

To bypass the geo-blocking restriction:

  1. Install your chosen VPN app.
  2. Sign into your VPN account. If you haven’t set up the account at this point, follow the onscreen directions to sign up for service and choose your subscription plan.
  3. Select a server within the United States.
  4. Once connected, navigate to Amazon.com and log in to your Amazon Prime account, select your favorite Prime show or movie and enjoy.

You must already have an Amazon Prime account to enjoy Prime video streaming. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for US customers, with monthly or annual payment options.

What Keeps You from Watching Amazon Prime

United States shows, as well as shows created in other countries, are restricted by copyright and distribution laws, making them only available within the nation of origin, or elsewhere licensed, meaning they cannot be streamed in all other countries.

Websites and services like Amazon can determine your location because the server you use to access the internet sends a data packet containing the information to theirs. If the data doesn’t match the acceptable country code on the server’s list, they automatically block the content.

Amazon Prime Videos You May Enjoy

Amazon Prime Videos’ streaming catalog is constantly updating and ever expanding. The internet giant followed in Netflix’s footsteps by producing original content and making it available in addition to network series and mainstream blockbusters.

Amazon Prime video online vpn Turkey

There are many titles to choose from, including the following Amazon originals.

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: the award-winning comedy/drama surrounding a housewife who discovers she has a talent for standup comedy after her husband leaves.
  • Sneaky Pete: American crime drama series following convict, Marius Josipovic, after he adopts his former cell mate’s identity, hoping to avoid his past.
  • The Man in High Castle: drama set in a dystopian alternate reality, where the Axis powers prevailed during World War II. The eastern part of the United States is now the Greater Nazi Reich, while the west is the Japanese Pacific States.
  • Jack Ryan: American action/political thriller based on the characters created by Tom Clancy.
  • Bosch: A police procedural inspired by the Michael Connelly novels: City of Bones, Echo Park, and The Concrete Blonde.
  • The Grand Tour: A British Motoring series with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, previously of BBC’s Top Gear.

Of course, Amazon also offers many main-stream shows to binge watch including some classics.

  • The Andy Griffith Show
  • I Love Lucy
  • The Twilight Zone
  • Star Trek (Original, The Next Generation, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise)
  • Bonanza

Amazon Prime also offers more contemporary shows.

  • Robot
  • Downton Abbey
  • The Wire
  • Sex and the City
  • American Gothic

For movie lovers, some of the titles you can watch include:

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Star Trek (2009)
  • Daddy’s Home 2
  • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
  • Wonder

These are just an example of the extensive library offered by Amazon Prime in the US.

As most VPN services do offer a money back guarantee, we recommend you try paid service instead of opting for limiting free providers.

As not every provider works for every customer, we advise you to take advantage of the refund policies and try out a few to find the right VPN provider for your needs.

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